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Mathura ka Pedha/Kandi Pedha

  #RenuRasoi  #Sweet #Pedha #Homemade #Pure Mathura/Kandi Pedha Homemade is a bliss with the goodness of purity. These pedha s are delicious and easy to make at home.  Since made in home they're  of best quality. Ingredients  1 cup...150 ml •Milk powder....2 Cup  •Milk... 1 Cup  •Pure ghee...Melted...1/2 Cup •Grinded sugar...1 Cup  •Coarsely grinded sugar...3-4 tbsp  •Nutmeg powder.... 1 tsp  •Green cardamom powder... 1 tsp  Method  •Take a thick based or non stick kadhai. •Add 3 tbsp ghee and milk powder. •Put on a gas at the lowest flame. Keep sauting continuously. •After 2-3 minutes of roasting add remaining ghee and keep roasting continuously. Gas flame should be lowest. Roast the milk powder till it becomes light brown. Care should be taken, that it shouldn't burn or stick to the bottom of the kadhai. •This takes approximately 15-20 minutes. •Switch off the gas. Add Milk in the kadhai. Mix milk powder and milk properly.  •Switch on the gas on the low flame. Once again keep

Mooli ka Paratha

#RenuRasoi #Radish #Mooli #Paratha Mooli ka Paratha The beautiful season of winter is going on. Fresh green vegetables and fruits are available in the market.  Try this yummy and tasty mooli ka paratha. Mooli aur Radish test better only in winter. Combined with goodness of Ginger, Green chillies, Ghee etc makes it more tasty 😋😋 This recipe is very easy to prepare. Ingredients 1 cup....150 ml  *Makai ka aata (yellow colour).... 1 cup  *Wheat flour.... 1 cup  *Grated mooli.... 1 cup *Green chillies ... 2 finely chopped *Chopped coriander... 1 tbspn *Grated ginger...1/2 tsp  *Salt... 1 tsp *Turmeric powder... 1/4 tsp *Red chilli powder... 1/2 tsp *Ajwain/ carom seeds.... 1/4 tsp  *Desi ghee for roasting the paratha. Method *Squeeze the water from the greated mooli by pressing it in your hands. *In a big mixing bowl add squeezed mooli, wheat flour, makai ka aata,green chillies, grated ginger,coriander ,salt ,turmeric powder, red chilli powder and ajwain. *Mix properly for two three minu