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Corn Garlic Pulao

  #RenuRasoi #Corn #Garlic #Pulao  Corn Garlic Pulao  This is a very tasty pulao recipe. Easy to prepare and mildly spicy, so everyone in the family right from kids to elders can enjoy this.  You can skip garlic, if you wish. Goes very well with any Raita, Dal or Curry.  Ingredients  *Raw rice... 1 Cup  1 Cup... 150 ml  *Sweet corn kernels... 1 Cup  *Chopped garlic... 1 tbspn  *Oil... 1 tbspn  • Black pepper... 1 tsp  • Salt ... 1 tsp  • Hot water... 3 Cups  Method...  *Wash rice well and keep aside.  * Grind black pepper to a coarse powder.  *Heat oil in a heavy based pan or kadhai.  *Deep fry chopped garlic till golden in colour, remove and keep aside.  *Now in the same oil add washed rice and black pepper powder. Saute till sticky.  *Add sweet corn kernels and salt. Mix properly.  *Add water little less than 3 Cups, mix properly. Approximately 2.5 cups. We can use the remaining water if needed.  • Cook till all the water get absorbed.  • Serve by adding fried garlic and mint leaves.

Sakhar Bhat

#RenuRasoi Sakhar Bhat  #Sugar #Rice  This is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe, which can be prepared with easily available items in the kitchen.  This rice is full of flavours and very tasty ... 😋😋  This Sakhar Bhat is prepared on all occasions and especially in Weddings as well as Munj/thread ceremony function.  Though this is not so popular now a days.    Let's see how to do it ..  Ingredients  *Raw Rice ... 1 Cup 1 Cup .. 150 ml  *Sugar ... 1 Cup  *Home made Ghee ... 3 tbsp  * Turmeric ... half a pinch.. optional  *Cloves ... 4  * Green cardamom pearl's/seeds ... 2 cardamom seeds  * Dry fruits, saffron threads ... 20-25  Method...  * Wash the rice, drain the water and set it aside for 30 minutes. Preferably use any flavourful raw Basmati, Chinnor or Ambemohor variety.  * Then heat 2 tbsp ghee and add cloves, cardamom seeds and turmeric powder. Add rice and mix well. Immediately add 2 cups of warm water and cook the rice, till water gets absorbed. Turn off

Coconut Vadi

  Coconut Vadi #RenuRasoi Coconut Vadi Naralachi vadi... tastes simply divine...😋😋 Every year on the occasion of Narali pournima we prepare some sweets made of Coconut. Very easy and simple recipe, with little tricks to make it perfect... Ingredients... *Fresh coconut scraping.... 1 Cup *Home made ghee... 3 tsp *Sugar... 3/4 th Cup *Green cardamom powder... 1/4 tsp *Saffron strands... 20..25 soaked in 1/2 tsp milk Method... *Heat ghee in a broad thick based pan, add Coconut and roast for 2..3 minutes. *Add sugar, mix properly, cook on low flame. Initially sugar will dissolve and then it will start thickening.  * Within 10...12 minutes, it will become a lump,  The correct test to know whether it is done, is insert the spoon or spatula  in the centre of the mix, if it is standing firm, it is done. Switch off the gas. Add green cardamom powder and mix well. *Spread this mix in the pre greased plate with the help of rolling pin. *Let it cool, when it is little warm, cut the vadi. *When i

Tricolour Chutneys

  #RenuRasoi #Tricolour #Chutney #Orange #Chutney Ingredients... Grated carrots... Orange one...1/2 Cup Phutana dal/ Roasted chana dal...1 tbspn Red chilli powder... 1.5 tsp Salt... 1 tsp Sugar... 1tsp Lemon juice... 3 tsp Method... *Grind chana dal dry from the mixer. *Add all the remaining ingredients and 1/4 th Cup water. *Grind to a coarse paste. *Heat 2 tsp Oil, add 1/4 tsp mustard seeds, when it splutters add a big pinch of Asafoetida powder. Switch off the gas and add 5...6 green curry leaves. Pour over the the chutney. Mix well... Enjoy..... #White #Chutney Grated Coconut... fresh or Dessicated...1/2 Cup Grated ginger... 1 tsp Sour curd... 2 tbspn Sugar... 1/2 tsp Salt... 1/4 tsp Water... 2 tbspn *Mix all ingredients and grind from the mixer to a coarse paste. #Green #Chutney Green chillies... spicy... 6  Chopped coriander... 1/2 Cup Roasted peanuts powder... 1tbspn Lemon juice... 4 tsp Salt... 1/4 tsp Mix all the ingredients and grind from the mixer without adding water. Enjo