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Dadpe Pohe

  #रेणूरसोई  #दडपे #पोहे हे पोहे अतिशय चवदार लागतात व पटकन होतात.  आपण पोहे दडपून मुरायला ठेवतो म्हणून याचे नाव दडपे पोहे असे आहे. ही रेसिपी प्रत्येक घरी वेगवेगळ्या प्रकारे केली जाऊ शकते. साहित्य  एक वाटी... दीडशे मिली लिटर  •पातळ / नायलॉन पोहे ...दोन वाट्या  •कांदा चिरून... दोन टेबलस्पून  •शेंगदाणे ....एक टेबलस्पून  •ओले खोबरे ...दोन टेबलस्पून  •तेल... दोन टेबलस्पून  •मोहरी ...पाव टीस्पून  •मेतकूट... एक टीस्पून  •तिखट... अर्धा टी स्पून  •मीठ ...अर्धा टीस्पून  •हिरवी मिरची चिरून... एक टीस्पून  •कोथिंबीर चिरून... एक टेबलस्पून  •किसलेली कैरी एक टेबलस्पून किंवा लिंबू रस दोन टीस्पून •साखर ...अर्धा टी स्पून •पोह्याचा पापड तळून...एक कृती... •प्रथम एका छोट्या कढ‌ईत तेल तापवून शेंगदाणे खमंग तळून घ्यावेत व बाजूला काढावेत .नंतर त्याच तेलात मोहरी घालून मोहरी तडतडल्यावर गॅस बंद करावा. ही आपली फोडणी तयार झाली.  •एका पसरट भांड्यात पातळ पोहे त्याच्यावर मेतकूट, साखर, मीठ ,तिखट ,मिरचीचे तुकडे , चिरलेला कांदा व कोथिंबीर, तळलेले शेंगदाणे, किसलेली कैरी ,खोबऱ्याचा कीस, सगळे घालून घ्यावे व छान कालवावे.  •नं


  #RenuRasoi Paratha This Paratha is made from wheat flour. Very tasty and flaky. Easy to prepare ... Sometimes in Winter Paratha goes very well with spicy veg preparation, Chole, Pickles etc....😋😋😋 Ingredients... For dough making *Whole wheat flour... 2 Cups 1 Cup...150 ml *Salt... 1/4 tsp *Oil... 2 tsp *Warm water... 1 Cup For Paratha rolling... *Oil... 6 tsp *Dry wheat flour... 6 tsp For roasting *Oil/ Home made Ghee... 6..8 tsp Method... *Mix wheat flour, Salt and Oil, then make a tight dough using warm water. Add warm water per requirement. *Cover and let it rest for 30 minutes. *After 30 minutes, make 6 equal balls. *Roll out a Roti of 5..6" diameter, spread 1 tsp Oil evenly, sprinkle   dry wheat flour all over the Roti and make fanfold. Then make a tight roll sealing both the ends. In this way make all the six parathas rolls. *Again roll out the Paratha of 5..6" diameter.  * Heat the iron tawa, place the Paratha and flip after 20 seconds. Roast on med

Potato Masala

  #RenuRasoi #Potato #Masala This Potato Masala preparation is without Onion and Garlic. Still very tasty and goes very well with hot Poori, Paratha, Roti and Rice too.... Very easy and quick to prepare still full of flavours, with goodness of Ghee. Ingredients.... *Boiled and diced Potatoes.... 3 Cup 1 Cup...150 ml *Oil...4 tbspn *Cumin seeds... 1 tsp *Asafoetida powder... 1/2 tsp *Turmeric powder... 1/4 tsp *Chilli flakes... 1 tsp *Green chillies... 2 chopped *Salt ... 1 tsp *Homemade Ghee... 1 tbspn *Hot water... 2 Cup Method... * Heat Oil in a pan, add Cumin seeds when it crackles, add Asafoetida powder, Turmeric powder and mix well. *Add green chillies and Potatoes. Mix well, add Chilli flakes and Salt, mix well, saute on medium flame stirring occasionally atleast for 3..4 minutes. *Add  Ghee, mix properly. *Then add 2 cups hot water, let it cook further for 2...3 minutes. *Switch off the Gas. *Garnish with chopped coriander and serve. Note.... You can us

Bura Sugar

#RenuRasoi #Bura #Sugar Sweets made from Bura Sugar tastes differently. Caster sugar is just ordinary table sugar that has been ground to a finer texture.  Bura, on the other hand, is caramelized and dehydrated. It is typically made by dissolving table sugar in water, then boiling off the water. It can be easily prepared at home. This is my mother's recipe which she is preparing from last 50 years. Watch Bura Sugar recipe on the following link... Ingredients... *Sugar...1/2 Cup *Water...1/4 Cup *Liquid Ghee... 1 tsp Method.... Add Sugar and water in a heavy bottom pan. Keep on gas. Flame should be medium heat. Keep stirring constantly. When Sugar dissolves, you can keep on high flame, but take care to stir constantly. Within 7..8 minutes it will become thick and frothy....full of bubbles. Add 1 tsp Ghee. Immediately switch off the gas and keep the container on kitchen platform. *Keep stirring constantly. Within 2 minutes it will converted into Sugar. *L

Besan Laddu

  #RenuRasoi #Besan #Laddu  Besan Laddu  Besan laddus are all time favourite and tastes divine 😋😋 😋  Laddu made in this way tastes better ... These besan laddu are slightly different in taste and do not stick to the mouth at all.    Ingredients...  *Besan/Chickpea flour... 3 cups  1 cup ... 150 ml.  *Homemade liquid Ghee... 1.5 cups  *Bura Sugar ... 2 cups  *Cardamom powder ... 1/2 tsp  *Cashews and  raisins ... 2 tbsp  * Milk ... 2 tablespoons  Method ...  * In an iron kadhai, add liquid ghee and then add gram flour and mix well. Keep roasting continuously over low heat. Take care that flour should not stick to the kadhai.  * After ten ... twelve minutes, the flour will become light and loose in texture .... After roasting for another three or four minutes, it will turn pink and nice aromatic. Switch off the gas.  *Immediately sprinkle milk all over, it will turn out frothy. Mix all the ingredients well again.  * When the flour cools completely, add cardamom powder, dry fruits and

Chilli Garlic Shev

  #RenuRasoi Chilli Garlic Shev No Soda  Very tasty and Crispy....  We used to have it only on Diwali...  But now you can prepare this at home very easily and enjoy it with a Cup of Tea or Coffee, as a accompaniment in snacks and meals....  We have not used soda or papad khar at all.  Ingredients...  * Cold water..1cup 1 Cup...150 ml  * Oil ... 1 cup  * Garlic paste..1 tsp  * Salt ... 2 tsp  * Red chili powder ... 3 tsp  *Chickpea flour ... 4 Cups... approximately  Method  * Add oil and water in mixer, whisk until it  turns frothy white in colour.  * Pour this water in a pot, add  red chilli powder, salt and garlic paste and mix properly.  *Add chickpea flour to make a soft dough.  * Hear I have used approximately four cups of gram flour.(1cup...150 ml)  * Fill this dough in the Shev mould. *Heat Oil in an iron kadhai, make a Shev by pressing from the mould in hot Oil. Do not overlap it. Flip after 1 minutes.  * Fry in hot oil over medium heat, take care not to overcook it.  * When coo