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Mathura ka Pedha/Kandi Pedha

  #RenuRasoi  #Sweet #Pedha #Homemade #Pure Mathura/Kandi Pedha Homemade is a bliss with the goodness of purity. These pedha s are delicious and easy to make at home.  Since made in home they're  of best quality. Ingredients  1 cup...150 ml •Milk powder....2 Cup  •Milk... 1 Cup  •Pure ghee...Melted...1/2 Cup •Grinded sugar...1 Cup  •Coarsely grinded sugar...3-4 tbsp  •Nutmeg powder.... 1 tsp  •Green cardamom powder... 1 tsp  Method  •Take a thick based or non stick kadhai. •Add 3 tbsp ghee and milk powder. •Put on a gas at the lowest flame. Keep sauting continuously. •After 2-3 minutes of roasting add remaining ghee and keep roasting continuously. Gas flame should be lowest. Roast the milk powder till it becomes light brown. Care should be taken, that it shouldn't burn or stick to the bottom of the kadhai. •This takes approximately 15-20 minutes. •Switch off the gas. Add Milk in the kadhai. Mix milk powder and milk properly.  •Switch on the gas on the low flame. Once again keep

Shevai Kheer

#RenuRasoi #Shevai #Kheer Also known as Sevai or Vermicelli. This kheer is delicious 😋😋 Can be prepared quickly, very tasty n healthy too.... Goes very well as a combination with Poori, Roti or simply as a sweet dish. Ingredients *Shevai...1/2 Cup (approx..100 ml) *Sugar...7 tsp *Full fat Milk...2.5 Cups *Water...1/2 Cup *Cashew nuts, Almonds, Pistachio....3 tsp... optional *Green Cardamom Powder...1/4 tsp *Saffron strands...7..8 *Clarified butter/Ghee...1 tbspn Method... *Soak Almonds &  Pistachio in water for an hour. Remove the peel and chopp roughly. *Heat Ghee in a thick based Pan, deep fry Cashew nuts till golden. Keep aside. *In the same Pan add Shevai, roast on low flame stirring constantly. Take care not to burn them. When Pink in colour add water & cook till it get absorbed. Cooking in Water helps to keep each strand of Shevai seperately. *Add Milk, & Saffron strands. Mix properly, cook on medium flame stirring occasionally till it becomes a


#RenuRasoi #Sanja #Upma Spicy This is a typical Maharashtrian breakfast dish. It can be prepared quickly and tastes better when hot as well as cold. Healthy breakfast dish.... Easy to prepare n Yummmm 😋😋 This is no Onion Garlic preparation. Preperation... Ingredients... *Semolina...1 Cup 1cup...150ml *Water...2 Cups *Sour Curd...1/2 Cup *Oil...3 tbspn *Green Chillies...2 *Turmeric Powder ...1/4 tsp *Red Chilly Powder...3/4 tsp *Curry leaves...8 *Salt...1 tsp *Udad/Split BlackGram...2 tsp *Mustard and Cumin seeds...1/4 tsp each *Asafoetida powder...1/4 th tsp *Chopped Coriander...1 tbspn *Grated Coconut...1 tbspn Method... *Heat Oil in a Kadhai, add Mustard n Cumin Seeds, let it splutter, add Udad dal, saute till pink in colour,add Asafoetida. Mix properly. *Add Green Chillies, Curry Leaves, & Semolina. Roast for five minutes on low flame. * Add Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder and roast for Two minutes. * Add Salt, Curd...mix properly. *Add Two Cups

Tricolour Idli

#RenuRasoi Tricolour Idli Natural Vegie Colours Idli Idli is basically a South Indian dish. But loved by one and all. It can be a Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch or even Party Snacks. Eating Soft and fluffy Idlis is just a joy....🙂 Let's see today, how to make it at home. Tricolour Idli Divide the Idli batter in three portions. Keep one portion regular white. Orange colour Idli In another portion add little Beetroot juice n Turmeric Powder till you get Orange colour. Green colour Idli Here I have used Fresh Green Coriander n fresh Green Peas thick  paste ..add till you get Green Colour. Cook as given in the Recipe. Here I have served it with Andhra style Peanuts Chutney. Detailed Recipe on the following link... Ingredients... *Raw Rice....3 Cups *Udad Dal...1 Cup *Fenugreek seeds...1 tsp *Fenugreek seeds are optional. *Salt.. 4 tsp *Oil for greasing..5 TSP Method... *Wash Rice and Dal thoro

Peanut Chutney... Andhra Style

#RenuRasoi #Andhra #Peanut  #Chutney This Andhra style peanut Chutney is yummy and easy to prepare.... All ingredients are available at home goes very well in regular Meals as well as with Idli, Dosa , Vada & Appe or Paniyaram. It can be prepared by using Red Chillies also... I have prepared it with Green Chillies Ingredients... *Raw Peanuts...1 Cup *Green Chillies...4 *Garlic pods...3 *Blackgram/Udid Dal...2 tsp *Oil...2 tsp *Lemon juice...3 tsp *Salt...1/4 tsp For Tempering... *Oil...2 tsp *Mustard Seeds...1/4 tsp *Curry leaves...8 Method... *Dry roast Peanuts on low flame till crisp. Let it cool. *Heat 2 tsp Oil in a small pan, add Udad Dal, Green Chillies n Garlic pods, fry on low flame till Dal becomes Pink. Let it cool. *In a mixer jar add Peanuts, Chilli mix, Salt n Lemon Juice Grind without adding water. Then add 1 Cup water. Grind till smooth. Put the Chutney in a Bowl. *For Tempering Heat Oil add Mustard Seeds, after it splutters switch off the Gas