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Pav / Bun

  #Pav #Homemade #Bun These Pav are very soft 😋😋😋 Goes very well with  a Tangy Pavbhaji or hot Cup of Tea, Coffee... The nice part is when they were baking the house was full of a nice aroma....☺️☺️☺️ Ingredients *Maida...2 Cups *Warm Milk ....  ¾ Cup *Sugar....1 tsp *Active Dry Yeast....1 tsp *Salt ..3/4 tsp *Butter...2 tbspn for dough *Butter.... 1 tbspn for  Method... *In a Pan Add 3/4 th Cup  warm milk ( not hot milk) , add 1 tsp sugar and  1 tsp active dry Yeast. *Mix properly, cover and let it rest for 5 minutes, so that Yeast activates. *After 5 minutes you will find bubbles on the surface, if not keep till bubbles come.  *Take a broad based Pan or Plate add this fermented Milk. *Add 2 cup Maida, ¾ tsp Salt and mix properly. *Mix  properly, make a nice dough. Then add Milk gradually, I have added 2 tbspn Milk. Knead for 5 minutes. It will become a very sticky dough. *Knead to a smooth and soft dough. *Then add 2 tbsp butter and keep kneading till dough becomes non sicky but s
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Masoor Dal Dosa

  #RenuRasoi #Masoor #Dal #Dosa Masoor Dal Dosa We like dosa for breakfast and we prepare dosa of different various combinations.... Today for the first time I prepared Masoor dal dosa and it turned out very Yummy 😋😋😋😋 You can prepare it soft as well as crispy as per your choice... It is protein rich, fermented and with the goodness of coconut oil... You can prepare it without fermenting also... quickly after grinding... but if you'll ferment the batter it tastes different... I have followed the recipe of Shobana Rao, but made slight changes... Ingredients... *Masoor Dal... 2 Cups 1 Cup... 150 ml *Raw Rice... 1 Cup *Fenugreek seeds... 1/2 tsp *Salt...2 tsp *Coconut oil... For roasting Method... *Wash and soak masoor dal and rice for atleast 5 hours. Also soak Fenugreek seeds with rice and dal. *Grind them to a smooth paste from the mixer, consistency should be like dosa batter. I have added approximately 1 Cup water for grinding. Pour in the pan and cover with lid. *Let this

Jaggery Roti... गुळ पोळी

  #RenuRasoi Happy Makar Sankranti to all ... #Jaggery  #Sesame #Roti This poli is very tasty and delicious😋😋😋😋 In Maharashtra we prepare this sweet Roti on every year's Sankranti festival. It's a traditional Recipe. In every household it will prepared and relished by all. This sweet Roti is very convenient to carry while travelling, for trekking ,can be taken with you even while travelling to abroad.  They lasts  for 10 ... 12 days comfortably. These are nutritious and energizing.   For Roti *Whole wheat flour... 2 Cup One cup ... 150 ml *Oil ... 2 tablespoons * Salt ... a pinch Method .... Combine all the ingredients for the dough,add  water gradually and  make the dough. It should be harder like Puri dough. Cover and let it rest for at least an hour. For the stuffing * Roasted sesame seeds powder... 1 cup *Dry r oasted Chick pea flour... 1 tbsp *Grated jaggery ... 1.5 cups For roasting Roti Home made Ghee...melted ... 1/2 cup Metho

Methi/ Fenugreek Appe

  #रेणूरसोई #मेथी #आप्पे मेथी चे आप्पे सध्या अतिशय चवदार अशी मेथी ची भाजी बाजारात मिळते आहे. ही भाजी चवदार व औषधी पण आहे. तेंव्हा आज केले आहेत चवदार चविष्ट आपले जे मधुमेह झालेल्या लोकांना पण पोटभर खाता येतील.  पीठ आंबवुन किंवा न आंबवता केले तरी अतिशय अप्रतिम लागतात. हे आप्पे अतिशय खमंग व खुसखुशीत लागतात. सर्व्ह करताना वेगळी चटणी नाही केली तरी चालेल. साहित्य.... *हिरवी मुगाची डाळ...१ वाटी *रवा...१ वाटी *दही...आंबट...१ वाटी *पाणी...१ वाटी *कांदा चिरून... १ वाटी *मेथी स्वच्छ धुऊन चिरून...१ वाटी *आले किस...१ टिस्पून *मीठ.... २ टिस्पून *मिरेपूड...१/२ टिस्पून *हिरवी मिरची... बारीक चिरून...२ *कोथिंबीर चिरून...१/२ वाटी *हळद...१/४ टिस्पून *खोबरेल तेल...१/२ वाटी कृती.... *मुग डाळ कोरडीच मिक्सरमध्ये घालून वाटून घ्या. थोडी जाडसर पण चालेल. *खोबरेल तेल सोडून बाकी सर्व साहित्य छान एकत्र करून घ्या. *३० मिनिटे मुरु द्या. रात्रभर भिजवून ठेवले तरी चालेल. फ्रीजमध्ये ठेवु शकता. *आप्पेपात्र गॅसवर ३ मिनिटे गरम करून, मग खोबरेल तेल लावून घ्यावे. वरील पिठ छान एकत्र करून,पात्रात घालून बाजुने व वरून खोबरेल तेल सो

Dal Bati

  Dal Bati #RenuRasoi Dal Bati Churma Tipore Rajasthani Dal Bati Churma Recipe is a very traditional recipe from Rajasthan and one of the favourites at home. Very tasty and flavorful menu...😋😋😋 specially in Winters. A nice healthy combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Here it is served with Tipore....the traditional name of tangy pickled chillies served in Rajasthani meal. This preparation is of Jodhpuri style which I have learnt at our stay in Jaipur. You can have this menu on holidays, weekend's, for parties, get together etc. Please follow the recipe as given for best results 🙂 You can serve 4  persons approximately . Ingredients For Bati and Churma 1 Cup... 150 ml *Whole Wheat Flour.... 2 Cups *Sooji /Semolina/ Rava...2 Cups *Oil or Ghee.... 4 tablespoons *Salt.... 1 tsp For dipping Bati... Homemade liquid Ghee...1/2 Cup For Churma *Whole Wheat flour.... 1/2 Cup *Semolina....1/2 Cup *Oil/ Ghee.... 1 tablespoon *Bura Sugar or Jaggery... 1/4 th Cup *Liquid Ghee... 1

Dryfruit Roll

  #RenuRasoi Dryfruit Roll These Roll are very easy to prepare in home...... They are delicious and healthy too..... specially in winter. Here we have not used Mixer for grinding dates, nor we have soaked them in water.  Ingredients... 1 Cup.... 150 ml. *Cashews.... 1/2 Cup *Almonds.... 1/2 Cup *Walnut.... 1/2 Cup *Pistachio.... 1/2 Cup *Seedless Dates/ Khajur... 2 Cup *Homemade Ghee.... 1 tablespoon *Poppy seeds... 1 tablespoon Method.... *Crush Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachio from the mixer roughly on pulse/ inch mode. Crush each one seperately. *Take care not to make a powder, they should be crunchy enough to chew.  *Chopp the dates/khajur finely into tiny pieces,  with the help of knife. *Heat Ghee in pan, add poppy seeds, after a minute add chopped Dates/Khajur, saute for a minute and immediately switch off the gas. *Remove the pan from the Gas, with the help of the back of the spoon, or masher mash the dates till they become soft. *Within 3..4 minutes it will become a  so


  #RenuRasoi Paratha This Paratha is made from wheat flour. Very tasty and flaky. Easy to prepare ... Sometimes in Winter Paratha goes very well with spicy veg preparation, Chole, Pickles etc....😋😋😋 Ingredients... For dough making *Whole wheat flour... 2 Cups 1 Cup...150 ml *Salt... 1/4 tsp *Oil... 2 tsp *Warm water... 1 Cup For Paratha rolling... *Oil... 6 tsp *Dry wheat flour... 6 tsp For roasting *Oil/ Home made Ghee... 6..8 tsp Method... *Mix wheat flour, Salt and Oil, then make a tight dough using warm water. Add warm water per requirement. *Cover and let it rest for 30 minutes. *After 30 minutes, make 6 equal balls. *Roll out a Roti of 5..6" diameter, spread 1 tsp Oil evenly, sprinkle   dry wheat flour all over the Roti and make fanfold. Then make a tight roll sealing both the ends. In this way make all the six parathas rolls. *Again roll out the Paratha of 5..6" diameter.  * Heat the iron tawa, place the Paratha and flip after 20 seconds. Roast on med