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Aalu Parotha

#Aalu #Parotha
Aalu Parotha
Aalu ke Parothe... Crispy... Spicy... Aromatic...with Homemade Curd
sheer bliss....☺️☺️
With the temperature going around 5.1 degree Celsius when you are served ghee fried Aalu Parothe...😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
The stuffing is aromatic, the outer layer is Crispy...
For Stuffing
*Boiled & mashed Potatoes...3 Cups
*Green Chillies...6
*Garlic cloves...4
*Grated Ginger...1 tsp
*Cumin seeds...1/4 tsp
*Chopped Coriander...1/2 Cup
*Salt...1 tsp
*Red Chilli Powder...2 tsp
For outer covering...
*Whole-wheat Flour...2 Cups
*Salt...1/4 tsp
*Oil...for dough...8 tsp
*Wheat flour for dusting...& 2 tsp Oil
before rolling.
*Homemade Ghee for frying...1/2 Cup
For Dough...
*Mix Wheat flour, Salt & Oil properly, make a tight dough using minimum water. Water use depends on quality of wheat flour.
Here I have used 1 Cup water.
Let the Dough rest atleast for 30 minutes.
While rolling out Paratha mash the Dough properly by using 2 tsp Oil.
This helps to spread the batter evenly.
Make equal size 6..7 balls.
For Stuffing
*Grind Green Chillies, Garlic cloves, Ginger & Cumin Seeds without adding water.
*Mix all the ingredients for stuffing.
*Make equal size 6..7 balls, same like Dough.
*Pre heat their on Tawa on low flame.
*Take a flour Dough, roll out in a 4" diameter , roll out on the borders only. See that borders are thinner than center.
Place the stuffing, seal it gently, remove the excess Dough if any.
*Roll out evenly with gentle hands, use minimum flour for dusting while rolling. The stuffing shouldn't come out, even if it comes out, no need to worry, apply little dry wheat flour on that portion, & roll out to 6..7"diameter Paratha.
*Put the Paratha on pre heated Tawa, roast it dry from both the sides, apply liquid Ghee frm both the sides, let it be Crispy Pink from both the sides.
*Serve hot with home made Curd.
Note... Paratha must be dry roasted first, then fry by using Ghee.
It makes it Crispy.

*Link for Home made Ghee...

*For fresh homemade curd, see the recipe on the following link...


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