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Pakatil Puri पाकातील पुऱ्या

  Pakatil Purya... पाकातील पुऱ्या It's a typical maharashtrian sweet dish... Very easy to prepare and delicious too. Ingredients... *Fine semolina...1 Cup  1 Cup...150 ml *Sugar .... 1 Cup  *Desi ghee in liquid form.... 2 tsp *Curd...1/2 Cup... approximately *Ghee...for deep frying *Green cardamom powder...1/4 tsp *Dry fruits Powder...2 tbsp... optional  Recipe...  *Add ghee in semolina and just pulse it from the mixer. Remove from the mixer and take it in a pan. *Make a dough by using curd only. Dough should not be too hard or too soft. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes. *Now roll the dough into small Puri's. I have made bite size. *Deep fry Puri in ghee till light pink in colour. *You can store these by preparing it in a day in advance. *Take 1/2 cup sugar in a heavy base pan. Add 1/4 th Cup water. Put it on a gas on medium flame. *Let sugar dissolve and when it starts boiling reduce the gas flame. Let it boil for 3..4 minutes.  *Switch off the gas. Add 1/4 tsp green cardam

Vegie Sizzler

Vegie Sizzler
In the chilling weather of December everyone likes to eat hot and sizzling food😋😋😋😋
That reminds us to eat Sizzler....  all time favourite in our family... but not in  Restaurant....
Everyone likes homemade tasty yummy sizzler...😋😋😋
The house is full with sizzling hot fumes & smell, everyone waiting eagerly to eat 😃😃😃
Let's see today how to prepare sizzler at home...
This quantity is for 4 to 5 persons.
For Cutlet....
*Moong Dal ... 1 cup
*Boiled and Mashed Potato... 1 cup
*Green Chillies....3
*Chopped Ginger ... 1tsp
*Garlic .. 3 pods
*Roasted Poha Powder...1/2 Cup
*Salt... 1 tsp
*Black Pepper powder ...1/2 tsp
*Oil...for deep frying
*Soak soak Moong Dal  for 1 hour. *Grind it in the Mixer by adding Green Chillies, Ginger and Garlic to a coarse texture. Do not add Water.
*Take this mixture in a pan add Salt, Black Pepper Powder, mashed Potatoes mix properly, add Roasted Poha Powder sufficient to make it a dry mix.
*Make small lemon size balls, shape it as per your choice and deep fry in Oil till Golden crispy.
*Keep it aside.
For Rice
*Rice... 1 cup
*Green Peas.. 1 cup
*Water... 3 cup
*Salt... one teaspoon
*Oil... 2 tablespoon
*Wash the Rice properly.
*Heat Oil in a pan,  add Green Peas and Rice, saute on medium flame for 3 minutes,  add Salt and 3 cups water.
*Cook without covering with the lid, till water is absorbed. Switch off the gas.
*Our rice is ready, keep it covered.
For Tomato Gravy...
*Red tomatoes chopped..3 cups
*Chopped Onions...1/2 cup
*Garlic... 2 pods
*Grated Ginger...1/2 tsp
*Oil...1 tbspn
*Wheat flour...1 tbspn
*Ghee...2 tsp
*Turmeric...1/4 tsp
*Red Chilli Powder...1 TSP
*Sugar...3 tsp
*Salt...1/2 tsp
*Grind Tomato, Ginger & Garlic from the mixer without adding water.
*In a stainless steel Kadhai, add 1 tablespoon Oil and finely chopped Onion, saute till soft.
*Add Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder,  Wheat flour and saute for 2 minutes on low flame.
*Add Tomato mix, Sugar, Salt, mix properly. Cook stirring constantly till it a semi solid gravy mix.
*Add Ghee and switch off the gas.
For Vegetables...
*Cabbage leaves...5..6
*Cauliflower florets...2 Cups
*Tender French Beans...20
*Carrot cut into Finger size...2 Cups
*Green Peas...1 Cup
*Potato Fingers...2 Cup
*In a big Kadhai, boil some water, put a colander, and steam all Vegetables except Cabbage leaves.
*Fry Potato Fingers till golden brown.
*All Vegetables should be kept aside.
Assembly of the Sizzler...
*Heat sizzler plate for 15 minutes on a gas.
*Put this hot plate,in a wooden base, Arrange  quickly Cabbage leaves first, then place Rice, Cutlets, All boiled Vegetables, and top it with Gravy.
For sizzling effect...
Mix 1/2  Cup Ice Cold Water with 2 tsp Oil, drizzle this from the sides of the Pan to get that aromatic sizzling effect.
Tip...You can assemble all this on one big Iron Tawa also...& then serve individually in plates.


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Coconut Pohe... Marathi

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Rava Besan Laddu

  RenuRasoi #Rava Besan Laddu These sweet Rava Besan Laddu are very Delicious n loved by one and all. Easy to prepare... Yuummmm to eat.. Ingredients... •Rava/Semolina... 2 Cups 1 Cup...150 ml. •Besan/ Chickpea flour... 1 Cup •Sugar.... 2Cup •Water 1 Cup •Pure Ghee... should be melted...2 tablespoon...for roasting Rava And 1/2 cup for roasting Besan. •Green Cardamom Powder 1 tsp •Cashews..12 Method... •Dry Roast Semolina for 2..3 mts on low flame. Rava should be fine one, if you are taking thick Rava just dry grind it from the mixer. •Add Ghee n roast on low flame till golden in colour. Remove from the Kadhai in a pan and Keep aside. •In the same kadhai add 1/2 cup melted ghee, add chickpea flour, roast on low flame stirring continuously till it becomes light pink in colour and releases nice aroma. •Mix roasted Rawa and Besan in the pan. •Now take another pan, add Sugar n water. •Keep on medium flame, keep stirring. •Let it boil, after 4..5 minutes of Boling switch off the gas. •Pour t