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Patur Veg

  #RenuRasoi #Rainy #Season #रानभाजी #Medicinal #healthy  Patur Veg This vegetable is available only in rainy season. These seasonal vegetables is called as "रानभाजी" Since this vegetable is very healthy one should eat it at least once in the rainy season . It cures indigestion as well as it helps to increase appetite.  Very tasty and easy to prepare. You can get these vegetables  in the local market in rainy season. In some areas this veg is also called as "गुनगुण्याची भाजी" Ingredients  1 Cup...150 ml *Patur Veg... finely chopped...3 cups *Yellow moong dal... 1/2 Cup  *Garlic pods... 6 *Oil... 4 tbspn  *Mustard seeds... 1/2 tsp  *Turmeric powder... 1/2 tsp *Red chilli powder... 1/2 tsp  *Salt... 1/2 tsp  *Lemon juice... 1 tsp  *Chopped coriander... 1 tbspn  *Grated coconut... 1 tbspn  Method... *Wash and soak yellow moong dal in sufficient water for 2 hours. *Here I have taken 2 bundle s of Patur Veg. Clean and take leaves only. Wash it thoroughly and chop finely.

Dind दिंड

#Dind #Puran
India is a Agriculture based country.
So our festivals are also celebrated as per season.
Today is the festival of Nagpanchami.
On this day Snake's or Nag are they are friends of Farmers, and helps in maintaining ecological balance.
The message through this festival is we should take care of all creatures on this earth.
Every house in Maharashtra has some unique way of preparing Prasad.
In our house everything is steamed.
So this delicacy named "Dind".
For stuffing
*Chickpea Dal...1Cup
*Sugar...1 Cup
*Jaggery... Lemon size
*Cardamom powder...1/2 TSP
For outer covering...
*Wheat flour...2 Cups
*Salt...1/4 TSP
*Oil...8 TSP
*Water...3/4 the Cup
For Serving...
*Homemade Ghee
*Wash and soak Chickpea Dal for 30 minutes.
*After 30 minutes add 2 Cups Water
& cook in pressure cooker on medium flame for one Pressure & then on low flame for 5 minutes.
*Let it cool, take out of Cooker and mash it as much as you can.
*Take a heavy bottom Pan, add Cooked Chickpea Dal, Sugar n Jaggery.
*Cook on medium flame, stirring occasionally till laddle or spoon stands in the centre on its own.
*Switch off the gas, add Cardamom Powder & mix properly. Let it cool.
For Dough...
*Mix all ingredients except water.
*Make a tight dough using minimum water. Here I have used 3/4 the Cup water.... yours may differ depending on quality of the flour.
*Let the Dough rest for 30 minutes.
*Make 18 equal parts of the dough.
Roll out in a Puri size, put 3 TSP cooked Puran in the centre. Fold it first length wise, and then close both the ends.
*Grease the base by applying Ghee.
*Steam in the preheated steamer for 15 minutes.
*Serve with home made Ghee.
*Here I have given different shapes of Dind, Modak n Karanji.
#दिंड #पुरण
नागपंचमी आपल्या शेतीप्रधान देशातील एक महत्त्वाचा सण.
साप किंवा नाग हे शेतकऱ्यांना मदत करतात... म्हणून त्यांना मारु नका त्यांची पुजा करा...व त्यांचे संरक्षण करा असा संदेश देणारा महत्त्वाचा सण.
आमच्या घरी ह्या दिवशी सगळे उकडलेले असते. गोड पदार्थ म्हणुन दिंड करतात.
आज बघु या ही रेसिपी...
*हरबरा डाळ... एक वाटी
*साखर... एक वाटी
*गुळ... लिंबाएवढा
*वेलची पूड...1/2 टिस्पून
*गव्हाचे पीठ...2 वाटी
*तेल...8 टिस्पून
*मीठ...1/4 टिस्पून
*पाणी...3/4 वाटी
साजूक तुप...
*हरभरा डाळ स्वच्छ धुऊन 30 मिनिटे भिजत घाला.
*30 मिनिटांनी , 2 वाटी पाणी घालून मध्यम आचेवर एक शिट्टी होईपर्यंत व मग मंद आचेवर पाच मिनिटे शिजवा.
*गार झाल्यावर कुकरमधुन काढून छान घोटुन घ्या.
*एका जाड बुडाच्या भांड्यात शिजलेली डाळ, साखर व गुळ घालून मंद आचेवर अधूनमधून ढवळत शिजवावे.
*चमचा मध्यभागी उभा राहिला म्हणजे पुरण व्यवस्थित शिजले. वेलदोडे पूड घालून एकत्र करा.
*गव्हाच्या पीठात, तेल व मीठ घालून छान एकत्र करून हळूहळू पाणी घालून घट्ट पीठ भिजवावे.
*30 मिनिटांनी छान मळून 18 गोळे तयार करा.
*मध्यम आकाराची पुरी लाटून त्यावर 3..4 टिस्पून पुरण ठेवून, प्रथम लांबीत व मग दोन्ही बाजूंनी बंद करा.
*तुपाचा हात लावून 15 मिनिटे वाफवून घ्या.
*दिंड साजुक तुपासोबत सर्व्ह करा.
*मी करंजी व मोदक ह्यांचा पण आकार दिला आहे.


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