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Udid Moong Vada

#Vada #Udid #Moong
These Vada are soft n crispy.
Full of flavours, you can have it as it is, or with a Chutney.
They are not at all Oily, even after frying Oil in the Kadhai was almost same.
*Udid Dal...1/2 Cup
*Moong Dal...1/2 Cup
*Rice flour...1 tbspn
*Chopped Onion...3/4 Cup
*Chopped Coriander...1/2 Cup
*Green Chillies chopped...3
*Grated Ginger...1/2 tsp
*Black Pepper...1/4 tsp
*Salt...1 tsp
*Cumin seeds...1/4 tsp
*Oil ...for frying.
*Wash and soak both the Dal in water for 3 hours.
*Drain out all the Water.
*Grind from the Mixer without adding water to a smooth paste. If required you can add 2..3 tsp water. I have not used the Water.
*Grind Black Pepper to a coarse Powder.
*Mix all  the ingredients. Mix thoroughly.
*Heat the Oil, make the Vada.
*Fry on low flame till golden brown.
*Serve with Green Chutney.
*Green Chutney... Coriander, Green Chillies, Coconut, Lemon juice and Salt. Grind from the Mixer.
Note...1. Don't soak the Dals for more than 3 hours. They will turn Oily.
2.If the batter is watery, add Rice flour.

#उडीद #मूग #वडे
उडीद मूग वडे
हे वडे कुरकुरीत व म‌उ असे दोन्ही प्रकारचे लागतात. खुप खमंग व चवदार लागतात.
चटणी सोबत किंवा चटणी शिवाय ... दोन्ही प्रकारे छान लागतात.
अजिबात तेलकट होत नाही.
*उडीद डाळ...1/2 वाटी
*मुग डाळ...1/2 वाटी
*तांदूळ पीठ...1 टेबलस्पून
*कांदा चिरून...3/4 वाटी
*कोथिंबीर चिरून...1/2 वाटी
*मिरची चिरून...3
*आले किसलेले...1/2 टिस्पून
*जिरे...1/4 टिस्पून
*मिरे...1/4 टिस्पून... भरडून
*मीठ...1 टिस्पून
*उडीद डाळ व मूग डाळ स्वच्छ धुऊन 3 तास भिजत घाला. पाणी निथळून मिक्सरमधून पाणी न घालता बारीक वाटून घ्या. गरज वाटल्यास 2..3 टिस्पून पाणी घालू शकता.
मी घातले नाही.
*सर्व साहित्य एकत्र करून घ्या. छान एकजीव करावे.
*कढईत तेल तापवून, मध्यम आकाराचे वडे मंद आचेवर खमंग तळून घ्या.
* हिरवी चटणी सोबत सर्व्ह करा.
*हिरवी चटणी... मिरची, कोथिंबीर, खोबरे, लिंबू रस मिक्सरमध्ये वाटून घ्या.
टीप...1. डाळी तीन तासांपेक्षा जास्त भिजवून ठेवु नका. वडे तेलकट होतात.
2. पीठ सैल झाले तर तांदूळ पीठ अजुन घालु शकता.


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#RenuRasoi Chakali The name Chakali is very well associated with the festival Diwali. Chakali is prepared in every household of Maharashtra. Every one has there own Recipe and method of preparation. Chakali should be crispy 😋 and full of flavour. Following Recipe is 100% success full, if all the steps followed carefully. Ingredients... For Bhajani... *Rice...1kg *Split Chickpea Dal..1/2kg *Split Black Gram Dal...250 grams *Coriander seeds...1/2 cup *Cumin seeds...1/4 Cup Method for Bhajani... *Wash Rice and both the Dal separately. *Sun dry the Dal, Rice should be dried in home only. *Roast all the ingredients seperately on low flame. *The correct way of roasting is , while roasting take some grains in your hands, if they are too hot to hold, it is done. *Roast Coriander Seeds n Cumin seeds for 2..3 minutes only. *Let it cool, grind it from the flour mill. *You can use this flour in other Recipes too. *It has a shelf life of 3 months in dry weather conditions.

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