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Corn Garlic Pulao

  #RenuRasoi #Corn #Garlic #Pulao  Corn Garlic Pulao  This is a very tasty pulao recipe. Easy to prepare and mildly spicy, so everyone in the family right from kids to elders can enjoy this.  You can skip garlic, if you wish. Goes very well with any Raita, Dal or Curry.  Ingredients  *Raw rice... 1 Cup  1 Cup... 150 ml  *Sweet corn kernels... 1 Cup  *Chopped garlic... 1 tbspn  *Oil... 1 tbspn  • Black pepper... 1 tsp  • Salt ... 1 tsp  • Hot water... 3 Cups  Method...  *Wash rice well and keep aside.  * Grind black pepper to a coarse powder.  *Heat oil in a heavy based pan or kadhai.  *Deep fry chopped garlic till golden in colour, remove and keep aside.  *Now in the same oil add washed rice and black pepper powder. Saute till sticky.  *Add sweet corn kernels and salt. Mix properly.  *Add water little less than 3 Cups, mix properly. Approximately 2.5 cups. We can use the remaining water if needed.  • Cook till all the water get absorbed.  • Serve by adding fried garlic and mint leaves.

Raj Kachori

#RenuRasoi #Raj #Kachori #NoSoda Very tasty and Yummy 😋😋😋 Though the name Kachori...this is not at all Oily and heavy... This is my style preparation where Kachori is nice fluffy, crispy till end & light because of the stuffing I have used... To prepare outer Kachori as per my requirements... I had to try thrice... The third attempt turned out very well... Its stuffing is totally optional... Every thing is home made... Ingredients.... For Kachori... *Coarse thick Semolina...1/2 Cup (One Cup...400 ml) *All purpose flour...Maida...1 tbspn *Lukewarm water... *Mix Semolina & Maida and make a dough by using water gradually. It should not be too tight... I have used little more than 1/4 th Cup. *Cover and let it rest for 30 minutes. *After 30 minutes, knead the dough again...make 12 equal balls. *Heat Oil in an Iron Kadhai. Roll Poori by applying little Oil, roll out thinly. *Now fry this Poori, see that you're inserting bottom side in Oil. While inserti