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Dadpe Pohe

  #रेणूरसोई  #दडपे #पोहे हे पोहे अतिशय चवदार लागतात व पटकन होतात.  आपण पोहे दडपून मुरायला ठेवतो म्हणून याचे नाव दडपे पोहे असे आहे. ही रेसिपी प्रत्येक घरी वेगवेगळ्या प्रकारे केली जाऊ शकते. साहित्य  एक वाटी... दीडशे मिली लिटर  •पातळ / नायलॉन पोहे ...दोन वाट्या  •कांदा चिरून... दोन टेबलस्पून  •शेंगदाणे ....एक टेबलस्पून  •ओले खोबरे ...दोन टेबलस्पून  •तेल... दोन टेबलस्पून  •मोहरी ...पाव टीस्पून  •मेतकूट... एक टीस्पून  •तिखट... अर्धा टी स्पून  •मीठ ...अर्धा टीस्पून  •हिरवी मिरची चिरून... एक टीस्पून  •कोथिंबीर चिरून... एक टेबलस्पून  •किसलेली कैरी एक टेबलस्पून किंवा लिंबू रस दोन टीस्पून •साखर ...अर्धा टी स्पून •पोह्याचा पापड तळून...एक कृती... •प्रथम एका छोट्या कढ‌ईत तेल तापवून शेंगदाणे खमंग तळून घ्यावेत व बाजूला काढावेत .नंतर त्याच तेलात मोहरी घालून मोहरी तडतडल्यावर गॅस बंद करावा. ही आपली फोडणी तयार झाली.  •एका पसरट भांड्यात पातळ पोहे त्याच्यावर मेतकूट, साखर, मीठ ,तिखट ,मिरचीचे तुकडे , चिरलेला कांदा व कोथिंबीर, तळलेले शेंगदाणे, किसलेली कैरी ,खोबऱ्याचा कीस, सगळे घालून घ्यावे व छान कालवावे.  •नं


#RenuRasoi Idli Idli is basically a South Indian dish. But loved by one and all. It can be a Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch or even Party Snacks. Eating Soft and fluffy Idlis is just a joy....🙂 Let's see today, how to make it at home. Ingredients... Raw Rice....3 Cups Udad Dal...1 Cup Beaten Rice/Poha... 1 Cup Fenugreek seeds...1 tsp Fenugreek seeds are optional. Salt.. 4 tsp Oil for greasing..5 TSP Method... *Wash Rice and Dal thoroughly, n soak it in water along with Poha for 5..6 hours. Add Fenugreek seeds if you wish so. I have added. *Grind it from the mixer little coarsely. *Consistency should be thick like Pakoda Batter, just pouring one. *Let it ferment overnight or 7..8 hours. *Add Salt and mix properly. *Keep the steamer or cooker on a gas by adding water in it. *Grease the Idli mould with Oil. *Put 1tablespoon Idli batter in each mould. *Place the Idli mould stand in preheated steamer or Cooker. Do not use pressure or whistle for steaming. *Steam it f

Kojagiri Milk

#RenuRasoi Kojagiri Milk Kojagiri or Sharad Purnima is celebrated through out India. This festival is the end of harvest season. On this day Moon 🌒 is closest to the earth. This festival is celebrated on the full Moon day in the month of Ashwin. Milk is prepared and offered to the Moon... Let the rays of Moon pass through the milk , n then Prasad is ready to drink. Very rich in taste...with mild flavour of Saffron and Cardamom. Crunchy Almonds, Pistachio... Ingredients... Ingredients... *Full fat Milk...4Cups *Sugar...5 TSP *Saffron... 20 thread's *Almonds...2 TSP *Cashews..2 TSP *Pistachio....2 TSP *Charoli/ Hamilton's Mombin... 2 TSP *Green Cardamom Powder...1/2 TSP Method... *Make a coarse powder of Almond n Cashews. *Slice the pistachios. *Add Sugar, Saffron to the milk and Charoli/Hamilton's Mombin. *Boil the Milk till it reduces to 3 cups. *Add Almond n Cashews Powder. *Switch off the gas. *Add Green Cardamom Powder, sliced Pistachios. *Ser

Fruit Custard

#RenuRasoi #Fruit #Custard Rich creamy Milk custard, lot's of colourful n flavour full Fruits, crunchy Dry fruits make this dish so tasty n healthy..😋😋😋 It tastes Awesome... Ingredients... *Full fat Milk...500 ml. *Sugar...2 tablespoon *Vanilla custard powder... 1.5 tablespoon *Banana chopped... 2 Cup *Apple chopped... 1 Cup *Papaya chopped...1/2 Cup *Pomogrenate Seeds... 1 Cup *Black Grapes chopped... 1/2 Cup *Cashews chopped.. 1 tbsp *Almonds chopped...1/2 tbsp *Pistachio chopped..1/4 tbsp Method.... *Take 1/2 Cup Milk in a pan n mix custard powder in it without forming lumps. *Keep rest of the Milk for heating, add Sugar in it. *When it starts boiling, add custard mix milk slowly, stirring constantly. *Keep on stirring constantly, within 2..3 minutes it will thicken to a creamy consistency. *Switch off the gas, let it cool completely. *While serving add the custard in a glass, arrange all the fruits n top it with chopped dryfruits. *You can mix all fr

Lauki Halwa

#RenuRasoi Lauki ka Halwa This tasty and healthy sweet Dish is liked by all. It tastes better when warm. Loaded with Milk, Mava , Ghee, Dry fruits... Yummmm 😋😋 Easy to do it at home... Ingredients... *Grated Lauki/Bottle gourd...2.5 Cup 1cup...200 ml *Milk...1.5 Cup *Mava...3/4 the Cup *Sugar...3/4 the Cup *Homemade Ghee..2 tsp *Green Cardamom Powder..1/2 tsp Method... *Peel the Bottle gourd, grate it. *In a thick bottom pan heat the Ghee, add grated Bottle gourd, saute on medium flame for 4..5 mts. *Add Milk n cook till Milk is fully absorbed, stirring occasionally. *Add Crushed Mava, mix properly, cook for 5 minutes. *Add Sugar, it will melt first, keep medium flame, stirring occasionally cook till it thickens. *Add Chopped dryfruits of your choice, add green Cardamom Powder. *Mix..Ready. *Serve hot or cold. Enjoy. #दुधीहलवा दुधी भोपळ्याचा हलवा पौष्टिक व स्वादीष्ट लागतो. गरम गरम हलवा तर अहाहा... भरपूर दुध, खवा, तुफान, सुकामेवा.... मस्तच.. साहित्य:  द

Cucumber Raita

#RenuRasoi #Cucumber #Raita Cucumber Raita Cool n tasty Raita...😋 Goes very well with Paratha, Regular Meals, For Fast ....with Sabudana/Sago Khichadi n Vada.. Ingredients... *Cucumber finely chopped...2 Cups *Homemade Curd...1 Cup *Roasted Peanut Powder..1 Tablespoon *Oil...2 tsp *Mustard Seeds.. 1/4 tsp *Asafoetida powder...a pinch *Sugar...1 TSP *Salt ...1/4 the tsp *Chilly..1 *Curry Leaves..4 Method... *Beat the Curd to a  smooth paste. *Add chopped Cucumber, Sugar n Salt. *Mix properly, add roasted Peanut Powder. *Heat Oil, add Mustard Seed, when it splutters add Asafoetida powder, broken Chillies n Curry leaves. *Pour this over Cucumber Curd mix. *Mix properly... Ready... Serve.. *If using for fast ,use Ghee , Cumin Seeds and Green Chillies for Tempering. #रेणुरसोई #काकडी #कोशिंबीर  काकडी ची कोशिंबीर  उन्हाळ्याचा तडाखा वाढत आहे, अशा वेळी काकडी ची ही कोशिंबीर मस्त लागते 😋 रोजच्या जेवणात, उपवासासाठी .... साबुदाणा खिचडी सोबत, किंवा मला तर नुसती च व

Sweet Appe

#RenuRasoi Sweet Appe Appe also known as Appo, Paniyaram. These mildly sweet Appe with Banana and Coconut are crispy, tasty and easy to make. Made from easily available items at home. Can be used as a offering to God, for Tiffins, as a Sweet Dish... I have learnt this Recipe from my friend Vinaya Prabhu... Ingredients... *Semolina ...1 cup *Wheat flour ...1 cup *Finely Chopped Jaggery ...2 cups *Banana ..1 *Grated Coconut ..3/4 th cup *Water ..1 cup *Green Cardamom powder.. 1 teaspoon Method... *Grind from mixer Banana, Jaggery, Coconut, Green Cardamom Powder by adding water to a smooth paste. *Pour this mix in a pan, mix Wheat flour and Semolina slowly without forming lumps. *Let it rest for 15 minutes. *Heat Appe pan , add Ghee...pour one teaspoon mix, drizzle with Ghee from all the sides, cover with the lid, remove the lid, flip the Appe and let it be crispy  from another side. *Your sweet Appe are ready... *They taste better when warm as well as cool. *Here I


#RenuRasoi Malpua For me Malpua is a very difficult sweet dish, which is easy to eat to but difficult to made..😄 But this easy and yummy recipe by my friend Jyothi Baliga...tempts me to try this dish... and it turned out Yummmm. Crisp, soft and flavour full.... With a crunch of Almond n Pistachio...mild flavour of Saffron, tastes divine. Ingredients... *All Purpose flour/Maida... 1 Cup 1 Cup... 150 ml *Semolina/Sooji...a fistful *Sugar...3/4 th Cup *Buttermilk...1 Cup *Green Cardamom Powder..1/2 TSP *Pure Ghee Solid... For shallow frying Method... *Mix All Purpose flour, Sugar, semolina and Buttermilk , take care not to form lumps. *Continue mixing till Sugar dissolves. *The consistency should be flowy like Idli Batter. *You can add little water if required. *Keep it aside for one-hour. Add Green Cardamom Powder. *Take a flat pan with border, heat Ghee. *Pour 2..3 tablespoon batter, spread it little with the back of the spoon. *Let it be crispy red, flip, and co

Mini Veggie Uttapam

Renu Rasoi Mini Veggie Uttapam These Mini Veggie Uttapam are full of Carbohydrates, Protein, since fermented full of vitamins ,Herbs, Spices as well as Vegetables. They are not only healthy but tasty also. Very easy to carry in your Tiffins, for Breakfast, Party Snacks. Ingredients *Rice.. 1 cup 1 Cup... 150 ml *Split Green Gram Dal ..1 cup *Fenugreek seeds... one teaspoon *Grated carrot ..1 cup *Chopped Spring Onion... 1 cup *Grated Ginger teaspoon *Green Chillies.. 2 *Black Pepper Powder...  1/2 teaspoon *Salt ...2 teaspoons *Red Chillies Powder.. 2 teaspoon *Fennel Seed crushed roughly... 1 teaspoon *Cumin seeds..1/2 teaspoon Coconut Oil..1/2 Cup Method ... *Wash Rice and Dal and soak it in water for 4 hours, add Fenugreek seeds while soaking. *Grind it to the smooth paste from the mixer. *Let it ferment  for 7to 8 hours . *Add all ingredients except coconut oil . *Mix it properly . *Heat the Iron griddle, grease it with Coconut Oil, Let it heat for


#Renu'sRasoi #Rasmalai #Sweet dish This Rasmalai made at home is easy to prepare. Delicious 😋 to eat.. No worries  about it's quality, since you have made it fresh. Now a days we are not sure about the quality of Mithai available in the Market... Just follow the will get this yummy Rasmalai at home ...fresh n full of taste..😋 Ingredients... For Rasgulla *Whole fat Milk ..1/2 liter *Sugar ...1 cup *Water.... 3 cup *Lemon juice/ or Vinegar...2..3 tsp...mix with 4 tsp water. Use  Lemon juice or Vinegar as per requirement Method... *Boil the milk...switch off the gas.. *Add slowly Lemon juice spoon by spoon....when Milk  and water separates , pour it in a muslin cloth. ...Tie it lightly. *Pour Icecold water over it...keep it aside for 30 mts with some weights over it. *Take the Chena in a pan and rub it with your palms atleast for 20 mts.... *Make Rasgulle. ..size as per your choice. *Add sugar n water....when it starts boiling.. after 5 minutes,

Wheet flour Sheera

#RenuRasoi #WheatflourShira Wheat Flour Shira Quick... Yummy n Tasty Recipe... Delicious n healthy to eat... Ingredients.... *Wheat Flour 1 Cup *Melted Homemade  Ghee 1 Cup *Sugar 1 Cup *Banana 1 *Green Cardamom Powder 1/2 tsp *Milk 2.5 Cups Method.... *Dry roast wheat flour in a iron kadhai on low flame till aroma releases.. *Add Melted Ghee n roast on low flame till brown in colour or ghee releases from the sides... *Add milk ... stir n mix...cook till milk is fully absorbed... *Add Sugar n mix...cover with the lid for 3..4 minutes... remove the lid n mix again... Switch off the gas... *Add Cardamom Powder n finely sliced Banana...mix.. *Serve hot .. *Banana gives a very sweet n nice flavour... Enjoyy...

Chutney for Idli and Dosa

Renu recipe  Chutney for Idli and Dosa... This Chutney goes well with Idli Dosa or in your regular Meels too.  This Chutney is the balance of spices as well as proteins . It's a combination of Peanuts, Coconut and Split Black Gram Dal. Very tangy n flavour full. Ingredients .. *Split Black Gram Dal....2teaspoons * Peanut...3 teaspoon..  *Grated Coconut...4 teaspoons  You can use dry or fresh coconut. *Red Chillies Powder... 2 teaspoon *Salt...1/2 teaspoon *Tamarind... Gooseberry size Cumin seeds...1/2 teaspoon *Sugar...a pinch (optional) *Water... As per your requirement Method... *Dry roast Split Black Gram Dal n Peanuts seperately. Let it cool. *Add all ingredients in the mixer jar. *Grind it dry first, then add water gradually. *Add water as per the consistency you desire. *For tempering... *Heat 2 teaspoon Oil, add 1/4th teaspoon Mustard Seed, when it splutters add a pinch of Asafoetida powder n 5..6 Curry Leaves. *Pour it immediately over the Chutney.


 Renu Rasoi Dhokla This is not the quick version of Dhokla as previously shared . Here we are using Rice ,Split Chickpea Dal as well as Split Black Gram  Dal. Since this is the fermented food it contains   Vitamin B , K and healthy to eat. This Dhokla is spongy and Tasty. Ingredients *Rice 1 ...cup *Split Chickpea Dal... 1/2 cup *Split Black Gram Dal... 1/4  cup *Eno Fruit Salt ...1/2 teaspoon *Grated Ginger... 1.5 teaspoon *Crushed Garlic ...1 teaspoon *Salt... 1.5 teaspoon *Oil ....4 TSP For tempering...  *Oil... 1.5 tablespoon *Mustard Seeds... 1/2 teaspoon *Cumin Seeds..1/4 the teaspoon *Asafoetida powder ...1/4 teaspoon *Green Chillies...4 *Curry Leaves... 15 *Seasame Seeds...2  teaspoon Method... *Wash and soak Rice and the dals together in water for 4 to 5 hours. *Grind it from the mixer till smooth . *Let it ferment overnight . *In the morning add 4 teaspoon Oil ,grated Ginger , crushed Garlic and Salt. *Mix it properly ,the batter consistency shoul

Tempered Buttermilk

#RenuRasoi #Buttermilk   Muttha...Tak...Chass..Lassi...Buttermilk are the different names we used. Not only it tastes better but helps in better digestion of food. Presenting the same for today.  But with a tadka or tempering... Ingredients... *Homemade Curd ...2 cups *Water ....4 cups  *Salt teaspoon *Black Salt.. half teaspoon  *Cumin seeds...half teaspoon *Chopped Coriander... 2 teaspoon *Clarified Butter or Ghee teaspoon Method... *Beat the curd with the help of Churner or hand blender.  *Add 4 cups water as well as both types of salt. *Mix properly . *Heat Clarified Butter in a pan add Cumin seeds. *After its splutters,pour it in the buttermilk.  *Add  chopped coriander ,mix properly . *Serve chilled  or at room temperature. Enjoy... For recipe of Homemade Curd see the following link...

Green Chillies Chutney

Green Chillies Chutney A typical Indian accompaniment which makes your meals tasty. This is loved by one and all in India . Sometimes some people eat  only  Chutney with the Roti or Jowar ,Bajra Bhakri. Though this is a spicy variety it tingles your tastebuds and makes your immune system strong. Ingredients.. *Chopped green chilies... 1 cup *Peeled garlic pods ...Half cup *Salt ...One and Half teaspoon *Oil ... One tablespoon *Roasted Seasame seeds... 2 teaspoon  *Roasted Groundnut Powder... one tablespoon *Lemon juice ...3 teaspoon  *Cumin seeds... Half teaspoon  *Mustard Seeds.. 1/4th teaspoon Method... *Mix Green Chillies, Garlic , Salt , Cumin seeds and Lemon juice . *Grind it from the mixer without adding water , it should be coarse one. *Heat Oil in a pan add mustard seeds and sesame seeds . *After it splutter add the grinded Chutney.  *Saute on slow flame for 5 to 6 minutes  *Add roasted peanuts powder . *Roasted Peanut Powder should be coarse one. *Mix it

Baingan ka Bharta

#RenuRasoi Baingan Bharta Baingan Bharta Bharit in Maharashtra... Bharta in the North... Ringan na Olo in Gujarat.... One dish with different names... Bharit Bhakari is a popular combination.... not only it tastes very yummy 😋😋... it's healthy too.... The month of October brings all these winter special vegetables... We prepare Bharit in 3..4 ways. This is the typical Onion Tomato Bharit... Ingredients... *Brinjal...big one... specially Green one... they are more tasty...500 gm's *Tomatoes chopped...3 *Onions chopped...3 *Green Chillies chopped...3 *Coriander chopped...1/2 Cup *Oil...5 tbspn *Red Chilli Powder...1 tsp *Turmeric Powder...1/4 tsp *Salt...1 tsp *Mustard Seeds...1/2 tsp *Cumin seeds...1/4 tsp *Fenugreek Seeds...7..8 Method... *Roast the Brinjals on low flame till skin turns out Black & they are completely cooked. Cover immediately after roasting, it helps to peel quickly. *When cools, remove the Peels & mash them properly. *Hea

Sabudana Khichadi

#Renurasoi #Sabudana #Khichadi Sabudana Khichadi Sabudana khichdi is very tasty and yummy Dish generally prepared on Fast or Vrat Day. This Khichdi when consumed with Curd  gives you energy, proteins and will fulfill yourself. Though it is a Fast food or Vrat food it is also prepared on any other day at the breakfast . Ingredients... *Sabudana or Sago pearls... one cup *Roasted Peanut Powder... Half cup *Boiled and diced Potato ...1 cup *Green Chillies ....3 no *Red Chilli Powder... 1 tsp *Clarified butter liquid form ....Four tablespoon *Cumin seeds ...Half teaspoon *Salt teaspoon *Sugar teaspoon *Lemon juice..2 teaspoon *Chopped Coriander... one tablespoon  *Grated Coconut tablespoon Method... *Wash Sago  Pearls or Sabudana with water twice, drain out all the water ,add  water so much, such that it will just soak...and keep it for 5..6 hours. *Mix roasted groundnut powder with Sabudana /Sago Pearls, all the pearls should be separate. *Heat