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Pakatil Puri पाकातील पुऱ्या

  Pakatil Purya... पाकातील पुऱ्या It's a typical maharashtrian sweet dish... Very easy to prepare and delicious too. Ingredients... *Fine semolina...1 Cup  1 Cup...150 ml *Sugar .... 1 Cup  *Desi ghee in liquid form.... 2 tsp *Curd...1/2 Cup... approximately *Ghee...for deep frying *Green cardamom powder...1/4 tsp *Dry fruits Powder...2 tbsp... optional  Recipe...  *Add ghee in semolina and just pulse it from the mixer. Remove from the mixer and take it in a pan. *Make a dough by using curd only. Dough should not be too hard or too soft. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes. *Now roll the dough into small Puri's. I have made bite size. *Deep fry Puri in ghee till light pink in colour. *You can store these by preparing it in a day in advance. *Take 1/2 cup sugar in a heavy base pan. Add 1/4 th Cup water. Put it on a gas on medium flame. *Let sugar dissolve and when it starts boiling reduce the gas flame. Let it boil for 3..4 minutes.  *Switch off the gas. Add 1/4 tsp green cardam

Peru Methamba

#RenuRasoi #Peru #Methamba Peru Methamba This is a pickle variety prepared from fresh Guavas, also called as Amrud or Peru. Very flavorful ,tasty n full of five tastes... bitter, sour, sweet, salty n spicy...🙂 Very good to improve immune system n making one healthy. It has a unique flavour of  fully ripe Guavas... I have diced it along with seeds, you can remove it if you wish so. Ingredients... *Diced fully ripe Peru/Guava ...5..6 Cups *Jaggery... 1 Cup *Oil... 1.5 tbspn *Red Chilli Powder...1 tsp *Salt...1 tsp *Termeric powder...1/4 tsp *Mustard Seeds...1/2 TSP *Fenugreek seeds...1/4 tsp *Asafoetida powder...1/4 tsp Method... *Heat Oil in a pan, add Fenugreek and Mustard Seeds. *After it splutters add Asafoetida powder and diced Peru/Guavas. *Saute for 2..3 minutes. *Add Termeric, Red Chilli Powder, Salt, Jaggery...mix and saute for 3..4 minutes. *Add one Cup water, let it cook till Jaggery dissolves, n it thickens to a pickle consistency. *Done, have it in

Makai ki Roti

#RenuRasoi *Makai ki Roti This roti goes very well with Sarso ka Sag. Let's see how to prepare this.. Ingredients.. *Maize flour...1Cup 1 Cup.... 150 ml *Wheat flour...1/4 Cup *Salt...1/4 tsp *Warm Water... for binding Method... *Mix both the flour and salt. *Make a soft dough by using warm Water. *Let it rest for 15 minutes. * Divide the dough in Four parts. *Roll out the Rotis by coating Wheat flour. *Cook on the Iron griddle from both the sides. *You can make Roti using Maize flour only.  But Wheat flour helps to roll out  the Roti easily. *You can make all the Rotis in advance and while serving just heat them on High flame gas. Enjoy.. *रेणूरसोई मक‌ई की रोटी मक‌ई की रोटी म्हणजे आपल्या मक्याची पोळी😄 पण उत्तरेकडे ही सरसोच्या भाजी सोबत खाल्ली जात असल्याने सरसों का साग व मक्की की रोटी की जोडी प्रसिद्ध आहे.. आज पाहूया मक‌ई की रोटी... साहित्य... *मक्याचे पीठ ...एक वाटी 1 वाटी.... 150 मिली *कणीक ...पाव वाटी *मीठ ...पाव टिस्पून *गरम पाणी ...पिठ भिजवण्याकर

Sarso ka Sag

Renu Rasoi Sarso ka Sag Every year we eagerly await for the Winter season. Vegie Preperations in this season are at its best. So many tasty leafy vegetables are available in the market. Sarso ka Sag is one of them. Also known as Mustard Greens. This sag is tasty and healthy too.  specially loved by one and all in Northern India to protect themselves from the chilly winter. Let's see how to prepare this at home... Ingredients... *Mustard Greens /Sarso...500 gm *Bathua ...250 gm *Chopped Onions...1Cup 1cup...150 ml *Garlic cloves....8 *Grated Ginger...1.5 TSP *Green Chillies...3 *Homemade Ghee/Butter...5 tbsp *Butter for serving...1 tbsp *Homemade Garam masala powder...1/2 tsp *Turmeric powder..1/4 tsp *Red Chilli Powder...1 tsp *Salt...1 tsp Method... *Clean, Wash and roughly chopp both the green vegetables. *Pressure cook them by adding 1cup water for 2 whistle. *When it cools, drain the excess water by gently pressing in your hands. *Grind it from the m

Mushroom Matar Makai

#RenuRasoi #MushroomMatarMakai Mushroom Matar Makai... A very tasty and spicy veg preparation... It tastes Yummmm 😋 in this Winter...can be prepared for Party, Get Together, Dinner Lunch,... Goes very well with Rice, Roti.. Enjoy Ingrediants. ... *200 gms Fresh Mushrooms. *Sweet corn...1.5 Cups *Green Peas...1.5 Cups *Onions...2 *Grated Ginger...1.5 tsp *Red Tomatoes....5 *Oil....2 tbsp *Red Chilli Powder...1 tsp *Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder...1tsp *Coriander Powder ...2 tsp *Salt...1.5 tsp *Turmeric...1/2 tsp *Mustard n Cumin Seeds...1/2 tsp each  *Fenugreek seeds... 10 Method. .. *Wash n quarter Mushrooms. *Make a paste of Ginger n Tomatoes from the mixer. *Chopp the Onions. *Heat Oil in the pan. ..add Fenugreek seeds, Mustard and Cumin seeds dana, let it splutter, add chopped Onions n saute. *Add Turmeric, both Chillie Powder, Coriander seeds Powder and saute till oil leaves the sides of pan. *Add Mushrooms n saute for 4 mts. ...add Sweet Corn and Gree

Roti Paratha

#RenuRasoi #Leftover #Paratha Leftover Roti Paratha Lot's of Rotis of yesterday night were remaining. So I kept them immediately in the Refrigerator. In the morning converted it into crispy Desi Ghee ke Paratha with tangy Tomatoes Pickle... Everybody in the family likes it.. Infact there was a demand that I should prepare it in more quantity...😄 Ingredients... *Leftover Roti...6 *Homemade Ghee...8..10 TSP *Tomato Pickle ... for serving Method... *Heat the Iron Tawa/Pan. *Place the Roti on it, immediately coat it with liquid Ghee, flip the side. *Repeat the process on the other side too. *Roast till Pink in colour by pressing it with spatula, on both the sides. *Serve crispy crunchy Paratha with Tomato Pickle. Tastes Yummmm 😋😋 Link for home made Ghee.. Link for Tomato Pickle... #रेणूरसोई #पराठे शिळ्या पोळ्यांचे पराठे काल रात्

Gooseberry Chutney

#RenuRasoi Gooseberry Chutney In the market fresh green Gooseberries are available, juicy and full of Vitamin C.... One should eat maximum fresh Gooseberries to keep oneself healthy... A wonderful gift from Nature... This tangy, and spicy Chutney made from fresh Gooseberries will add that extra zing in your meals... Ingredients... *Finely Chopped Coriander...1 cup 1cup...200 ml *Spicy Green Chillies...7..8 *Fresh Gooseberries... grated...1/2 cup *Jaggery... 1/4 Cup *Cumin seeds...1/4 tsp *Salt...1/2 tsp Method... *Chopp the Green Chillies. *Mix all the ingredients, grind it from the mixer without adding water. *Done *Refrigerate it for long shelf life. Enjoy... #रेणूरसोई आवळ्याची चटणी  बाजारात ताजे रसरशीत हिरवेगार आवळे मिळून राहिले आहेत.  आवळा म्हणजे विटामिन सी चा उत्तम स्त्रोत... आपल्याला आयुष्य निरोगी ठेवण्यासाठी आवळा हा शक्‍यतो ताजा खाल्लाच पाहिजे. तेव्हा मी केली आहे आवळ्याची चटणी..  सुंदर हिरवागार कोथिंबीर, मिरची ,आवळा, जिरे, गुळ व मीठ... मस्त आंबट गोड चट

Vermicelli Upma

#RenuRasoi Shevai Upma Shevai also known as Vermicelli Upma is very quick to prepare. It is very tasty n Yummmm 😋 Ingredients.. *Vermicelli/Shevai...2 Cups *Oil...2 tbsp *Chopped Onions...1 Cup *Lemon juice...2 tsp *Cashew nuts...10 *Split Black gram /Udid dal...1 tsp *Grated Ginger...1/2 tsp *Dry Red Chillies...4 *Mustard Seeds...1/2 tsp *Cumin Seeds...1/4 TSP *Salt...1.5 TSP *Green Peas...1 Cup Method... *Heat oil in the pan ,deep fry cashew nuts till pink in colour, remove and keep it aside. *In the remaining oil add Mustard  and Cumin seeds after it splutters add split black gram Dal, let it be golden pink. *Add  broken Red Chillies, grated Ginger and chopped Onions ,saute  till little golden brown. *Add Vermicelli n roast on low flame till golden brown. *Add Green Peas , Salt n 2 Cups hot water, mix properly. *Let it cook till all the water is absorbed stirring occasionally. *Switch off the gas, add Lemon juice n fried Cashew nuts. *Serve hot.. Enjoy...

Pudachi Vadi

#RenuRasoi #PudachiVadi Pudachi Vadi   This is the  signature dish of Nagpur...besides Orange Barfi..    In winter this dish is prepared at least once in every household. ..    When ever special guests are coming in winter this will be prepared along with Shrikhand as a  sweet dish....    In winter this will be the part of any wedding or social functions menu...    Main Ingrediant is Coriander. .. Ingrediants. .. For Stuffing *Coriander...500 GM's *Onions...3 *Ginger. ..2 tsp *Garlic. ..7..8pods *Green chillies. ..10 *Poppy seeds/ Khuskhus..1tablespoon *Kismis/Raisins. ... 1 tablespoon *Charoli/ Hamilton's Mombin seeds.. 1 tablespoon *Grated coconut. ..dry one.. 1.5 cups *Oil...4 tbspn *Turmeric powder...1/2 tsp *Red Chilli Powder...2 tsp *Salt...2 tsp *Goda Masala...2 tsp This is home made, you can use store bought. For Dough *Wheat flour or All Purpose Flour ..1 cup *Chickpea flour /Besan...2 cups *Oil... 4 tsp for adding in dough *Turmeric po

Pickled Brinjal

#RenuRasoi #AchariBaingan #PickledBrinjal Achari Baingan This is the recipe my Mother prepares in every summer. But now a days we can get nice Purple Green Brinjals throughout the year. They are very Tangy and since no water is used ,will last for 2..3 days.. Ingredients... Purple Green Small Brinjals.. 250  gms... Chopped Coriander... 2 tbspn Coriander Powder..4 tablespoon Red Chilly Powder... 2 tsp Raw Mango /Aamchur Powder ...1 tsp Salt ...1 tsp Sugar... 1/2 tsp Fenugreek Seeds Powder... 1/4 tsp Asafoetida Powder... 1/4 tsp Oil ...8 tbsp Method... *Slit cross the Brinjals keeping the bottom intact. *Mix all the ingredients except Oil. *Stuff them in Brijals...keep the left over masala aside... *Heat the Oil in an lron kadhai, place the Brinjals carefully . *Cook them on low flame for 3..4..minutes stirring occasionally. *Cover with the lid n cook on low flame till soft...add leftover masala...mix n cook for 2..3 mts. Done. Serve with Roti, Jawar Bhakari or Da

Tomato Soup

#RenuRasoi #Tomato Soup In chilly winters a nice bowl of soup gives you not only a warmth but makes you full filling also. .. This soup is rich in fibre and no cornflour is used for thickening. Yet it is very thick n tasty too... Ingrediants *Tomatoes ...4 medium *Onion....1 small *Potato... ..1 medium *Beetroot... 2 tbsp chopped *Carrot ...1 tb sp chopped. .. *Butter / Home made Ghee...2 tsp *Cinnamon Powder..1/4 tsp *Cloves Powder...1/4 tsp *Sugar...3 tsp *Salt...1 tsp *Black pepper powder...1/4 tsp Method... *Wash Tomatoes n chopp it roughly. *Peel the Potatoes n slice it, chopp the Onions. *In a cooker add 2 tsp Butter, add all chopped vegetables and  cloves n cinamon powder. *Saute, add 3 tsp Sugar, 1 tsp Salt...mix..add 1.5 cup Water. *Give 2 pressure n cook on sim for 5 mts. *Let it  cool. ..grind it in  the mixer. *Add water as per your requirement. *If you wish you can strain from the strainer. I have not strained it. It tastes nice. *Add freshly c

Tomato Pickle

#RenuRasoi #Tomato #Pickle This tangy spicy Pickle is a nice change for your taste buds after eating all Diwali sweets. Easy to prepare and yummy 😋😋 If refrigerated will remain fresh even for a week... Ingredients... *Chopped Tomatoes ....6 Medium *Peeled Garlic pods ....20 *Oil ....6 tbspn or more if you like  *Mustard Seeds... 1 tsp *Red Chiily Powder ...3 tsp *Salt ...2 tsp *Fenugreek seeds Powder...1/4 tsp . *Tamarind....Gooseberry size   *Jaggery...Gooseberry size  Method.... *Make a powder of Mustard Seeds. *Mix Mustard powder , Chilli powder, Salt & Fenugreek seeds powder in a bowl. *Soak the Tamarind in water n make a pulp using 1/2 cup  water. *In a pan heat Oil...add Garlic pods...saute for 2 mts... *Add chopped Tomatoes, mix..cover with lid n cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. *After 10 minutes , mix all the powders in a bowl in Tomato, mix properly. *Add Tamarind pulp & Jaggery, mix properly. *Cook till consistency of pickle . *Coo


#RenuRasoi #Karanji Karanji also known as Guziya... This is a very delicate  sweet dish, supposed to be very difficult to make ,🙂 But if you will follow the following method you will find it very easy to prepare, so enjoy sweet light fluffy  karanji. Ingredients *All purpose flour or Maida... 1 cup 1 Cup....150 ml  *Semolina ... 1/2 cup *Hot Ghee or Oil.. 1.5 tablespoon *Salt a  pinch *Desicated Coconut...  1 cup *Powdered Sugar... 3/4 th Cup  *Green Cardamom Powder ..1tsp *Mix dry fruits chopped...3 teaspoon... optional *Pure Ghee for deep frying...1cup Method... *Mix all purpose Flour, Semolina n Salt. *Add hot Ghee...and make a tight dough by using little water. *Let it rest for 1 hour, by covering it. *Mix dessicated coconut, sugar, green Cardamom Powder n chopped dry fruits. *After 1 hour, process this dough from the mixer or from the food processor ,once again make a soft dough. *Roll out a small thin puri, put 3 tsp Coconut mix, apply little water with the