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Mathura ka Pedha/Kandi Pedha

  #RenuRasoi  #Sweet #Pedha #Homemade #Pure Mathura/Kandi Pedha Homemade is a bliss with the goodness of purity. These pedha s are delicious and easy to make at home.  Since made in home they're  of best quality. Ingredients  1 cup...150 ml •Milk powder....2 Cup  •Milk... 1 Cup  •Pure ghee...Melted...1/2 Cup •Grinded sugar...1 Cup  •Coarsely grinded sugar...3-4 tbsp  •Nutmeg powder.... 1 tsp  •Green cardamom powder... 1 tsp  Method  •Take a thick based or non stick kadhai. •Add 3 tbsp ghee and milk powder. •Put on a gas at the lowest flame. Keep sauting continuously. •After 2-3 minutes of roasting add remaining ghee and keep roasting continuously. Gas flame should be lowest. Roast the milk powder till it becomes light brown. Care should be taken, that it shouldn't burn or stick to the bottom of the kadhai. •This takes approximately 15-20 minutes. •Switch off the gas. Add Milk in the kadhai. Mix milk powder and milk properly.  •Switch on the gas on the low flame. Once again keep

Boondi Raita ... Marathi

  बुंदी रायता  #रेणुरसोई  #Boondi #Raita #Khari  बुंदी रायता सगळ्यांना खूप आवडतो 😋😋😋😋 पण बाजार ची बुंदी ही चवीला चांगली नसते. मुख्य म्हणजे वारंवार तळलेले तेल वापरले असते जे आपल्या शरीरासाठी हानिकारक असते.  ताजी घरी बनवलेली बुंदी आणि घरचेच दही घालून केल्यावर अतिशय चवदार अप्रतिम असे बुंदी चे रायते....    साहित्य...  *घरगुती खारी बुंदी...1.5 वाटी 1वाटी ... 150 मि.ली  *घरचे दही... 2 वाटी  *साखर... 2 टीस्पून (ऐच्छिक)  *मीठ... 1/2 टीस्पून  *भाजलेल्या जिऱ्याची पूड.... 1/2  टीस्पून  *हिरव्या मिरच्या... 2  *चिरलेली कोथिंबीर... 1 टेबलस्पून  *चिरलेली ताजी पुदिन्याची पाने..1/2 टीस्पून (ऐच्छिक)  कृती...  * 4 वाटी कोमट पाणी घ्या, (गरम नाही), हे पाणी एका मोठ्या पातेल्यात घाला.   * त्या कोमट पाण्यात खारी बुंदी घाला, फक्त 2 मिनिटे भिजवू द्या.  खारी बुंदी हातात दाबून पाणी पिळून घ्या.  बाजूला ठेवा.  या प्रक्रियेमुळे बुंदीतील तेलाचे प्रमाण कमी होईल  * हिरवी मिरची चिरून त्याचे मोठे तुकडे करा.  *दुसऱ्या भांड्यामध्ये दही चांगले फेटून त्यात 1/2 वाटी पाणी घाला.  पाणी घातल्यामुळे रायते घट्ट होणार नाही.  * आ

Horse Gram/Kulith Dosa

#RenuRasoi #Horse #Gram #Dosa #Kulith Horse Gram Dosa Very tasty and crispy dosa with the goodness of coconut oil and vitamin B12. Horse Gram is one of the super foods, which we should consume regularly in our diet. Horse gram, the miracle pulse. A traditional elixir for ailments like diabetes, heart disease, kidney stones, asthma, obesity, cold and many more, horse gram is highly protein-rich, high in calcium, low in fat and full of antioxidants.  Ingredients... 1 Cup... 150 ml *Raw rice... 2 Cup *Udad dal... 1/2 Cup *Horse Gram/Kulith... 1/2 Cup *Salt... 2 tsp *Coconut oil for roasting Method.... *Wash and soak Rice, Udad dal and Horse Gram for five to six hours. *Grind from the mixer by adding 1 Cup water. *Let this batter ferment overnight or for 7-8 hours. * Add salt in the fermented batter and mix properly. *Dry heat Iron or cast iron tawa for 3 minutes, spread 2 tsp coconut oil over the Tawa, let it heat for 2 minutes. You can use thick slice of a raw onion for spreading Oil. *P

Ragi Burfi

  #RenuRasoi #Ragi #Nachani #Burfi Ragi Burfi Year 2023 has been declared as *International Year of Millets* In the today's fast-paced environment we have almost forgot to eat Millets. Our ancestors were eating more Millets besides healthy work life style. Ragi or Nachani is a best source of Calcium ...fibre..full of energy. This Burfi is very easy to prepare and delicious to eat...😋😋 Ingredients... *Ragi flour... 1 Cup 1 Cup ...150 ml *Milk powder... 1 Cup *Sugar... 1 Cup *Water ... 1 Cup *Home made Ghee ... 1/2 Cup *Cocoa powder... 1/2 Cup *Chopped dryfruits... 1/2 Cup optional *Vanilla essence... 1 TSP Method... *In a thick based pan or kadhai mix Ragi flour, cocoa powder, milk powder, sugar and ghee properly. *Then add water gradually and mix properly without forming lumps. This process we are doing without keeping the pan on gas. *Now keep the kadhai on gas at lower flame. To begin with keep stirring occasionally, but when sugar will dissolve, add Vanilla essence and mix pro