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Pakatil Puri पाकातील पुऱ्या

  Pakatil Purya... पाकातील पुऱ्या It's a typical maharashtrian sweet dish... Very easy to prepare and delicious too. Ingredients... *Fine semolina...1 Cup  1 Cup...150 ml *Sugar .... 1 Cup  *Desi ghee in liquid form.... 2 tsp *Curd...1/2 Cup... approximately *Ghee...for deep frying *Green cardamom powder...1/4 tsp *Dry fruits Powder...2 tbsp... optional  Recipe...  *Add ghee in semolina and just pulse it from the mixer. Remove from the mixer and take it in a pan. *Make a dough by using curd only. Dough should not be too hard or too soft. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes. *Now roll the dough into small Puri's. I have made bite size. *Deep fry Puri in ghee till light pink in colour. *You can store these by preparing it in a day in advance. *Take 1/2 cup sugar in a heavy base pan. Add 1/4 th Cup water. Put it on a gas on medium flame. *Let sugar dissolve and when it starts boiling reduce the gas flame. Let it boil for 3..4 minutes.  *Switch off the gas. Add 1/4 tsp green cardam

Moringa Paratha...2

  #RenuRasoi Drumsticks / Moringa Leaves Paratha We all know Drumsticks leaves have rich medicinal values. So today prepared tasty Paratha.  Though Moringa leaves are used they are very tasty n will be liked by one and all. It tastes yummy & healthy too. Ingredients... *Wheat flour...2 Cups 1 Cup... 150 ml *Chickpea flour...1 cup *Home made Curd... 1/2 Cup *Drumsticks leaves wash and finely chopped...1 Cup *Finely chopped Curry leaves... 1 tbspn *Finely chopped Coriander... 1 tbspn *Salt...2 tsp *Red Chilli Powder...1.5 tsp *Asafoetida powder... 1/4 tsp *Cumin seeds...1/4 tsp *Turmeric Powder...1/4 tsp *Seasame Seeds...2 tsp *Oil... 2 tbspn for dough *Oil ...for Roasting Method... *Mix all ingredients properly except Oil for Roasting. *Add water gradually to make a dough. Water should be added carefully in very less releases water. *Make equal size balls. *Roll out the Paratha, use minimum dry wheat flour for rolling. *Heat the Iron Tawa on medium flame, place the P