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Patur Veg

  #RenuRasoi #Rainy #Season #रानभाजी #Medicinal #healthy  Patur Veg This vegetable is available only in rainy season. These seasonal vegetables is called as "रानभाजी" Since this vegetable is very healthy one should eat it at least once in the rainy season . It cures indigestion as well as it helps to increase appetite.  Very tasty and easy to prepare. You can get these vegetables  in the local market in rainy season. In some areas this veg is also called as "गुनगुण्याची भाजी" Ingredients  1 Cup...150 ml *Patur Veg... finely chopped...3 cups *Yellow moong dal... 1/2 Cup  *Garlic pods... 6 *Oil... 4 tbspn  *Mustard seeds... 1/2 tsp  *Turmeric powder... 1/2 tsp *Red chilli powder... 1/2 tsp  *Salt... 1/2 tsp  *Lemon juice... 1 tsp  *Chopped coriander... 1 tbspn  *Grated coconut... 1 tbspn  Method... *Wash and soak yellow moong dal in sufficient water for 2 hours. *Here I have taken 2 bundle s of Patur Veg. Clean and take leaves only. Wash it thoroughly and chop finely.

Red Pumpkin n Chaulai

#RenuRasoi #RedPumpkin #Chaulai #Cowpeas This veg tastes nice ...Red Pumpkin is a very good source of vitamin A and when combined with Chaulai it gives a good combination of vitamin plus need to prepare a seperate dal n sabji... Ingredients... •Red Pumpkin 250 gms •Chaulai/ Cowpeas 1/2 Cup •Oil 1 tbspn •Mustard n Cumin seeds 1/4 tsp each •Fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp •Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp •Red Chilly Powder 1 tsp •Salt 1 tsp •Coriander seeds Powder 2 tsp •Grated Coconut 1/4 Cup •Coriander 1/4 Cup •Tomato chopped 1/2 Cup •Onion Chopped 1 Cup Method... •Pressure cook Chaulai beans by adding 1 cup water on high flame for one pressure n low flame fir 10 minutes. •Dice the Red Pumpkin. •Heat Oil in a pan,add Fenugreek,Mustard n Cumin Seeds, when it splutters add Turmeric Powder n Chopped Onions. •Saute n add Red Chilly Powder, Tomatoes n dice d Pumpkin. Saute for 5 minutes. •Add Coriander seeds Powder, Salt and cooked Chaulai. •Cook for 5 minutes covering

Famyard Beans Veg

#RenuRasoi #Farmyard #Beans Farmyard Beans Veg... Any type of Beans are good for our health, they are Tasty to eat... Here is a simple but yummy recipe... Ingredients... •Farmyard Beans 250 gms •Onion chopped 1 Cup •Tomato chhpped 1 Cup •Oil 1 tbspn •Mustard n Cumin seeds 1/4 tsp each •Asafoetida Powder a pinch •Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp •Red Chilly Powder 1 tsp •Salt 1 tsp. •Sugar a pinch Method.. •Wash n chopp the Farmyard Beans. •Heat the Oil in a pan,add Mustard n Cumin seeds. •After it splutters add Asafoetida, Turmeric  Powder. •Add chopped Onions saute for 2 minute's. •Add Red Chilly Powder n Tomatoe, saute for 3 minutes. •Add chopped Farmyard Beans n cook on low flame by covering it with a lid. •Keep stirring occasionaly. •When Farmyard Beans becomes tender add Salt n Sugar. Saute for 2 minute's. Done Serve hot with Roti... Enjoyy..

Karaunda Panchamrut

#RenuRasoi #KarvandaPanchamrut Karvanda Panchamrut Karvanda in Marathi Karaunda in Hindi , Bush Plums in English. This is the sour fruit available in Rainy season only. We prepare many varieties of it, today I have prepared a Tangy Panchamrut. Panchamrut means Nector of five flavours... Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter n Chilly..(Tikha) Ingredients.... •Deseeded Karvanda 1.5 Cups •Jaggery 1/4 th Cup •Rosted Groundnut Powder 2 tsp •Grated Coconut 2 tsp •Fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp •Mustard n Cumin seeds 1/4 tsp each •Asafoetida Powder a pinch •Oil 1/2 tbspn •Red Chilly Powder 1 tsp  •Salt 1/2 tsp •Turmeric 1/4 tsp •Water 1.5 Cup. Method... •Heat Oil in the pan, add Fenugreek, Mustard n Cumin seeds. •After it splutters add Turmeric Powder, add karvanda and  saute for 3 minutes. •Add Asafoetida Powder. •Add Jaggery, Red Chilly Powder n Salt. •Saute for 2 mts, add Water •You can adjust Jaggery as per your taste •Add Groundnut Powder n Grated Coconut... •Let it cook ...t

Buttermilk Upma

#RenuRasoi #Upma Upma is all time favourite Breakfast... Today it is prepared by adding Sour Buttermilk... Yummy yummy to taste... Buttermilk Upma Ingredients... •Upma Rava /Sooji/ Semolina...1 Cup 1 Cup....150 ml •Thick Buttermilk...1 Cup •Water 2 Cup •Onion Chopped..1 Cup •Grated Ginger 1 tsp •Dry Red Chillies...3 •Oil...1 tbspn. •Roasted Chana Dal..Dalya..2 tsp •Udad Dal..2 tsp •Curry Leaves..12 •Mustard Seeds 1/2 tsp •Salt 1 tsp Method... •Dry roast Rava on low flame for 5 minutes. •Heat the Oil in a pan add Mustard Seeds, when it splutters add Chana Dal n Udad Dal, saute it, cook till Pink in colour. •Add Red Chillies broken in 2 parts each. •Add Grated Ginger, Chopped Onion n Curry Leaves. •Saute till Onions become soft. •Add 2 Cups Water n 1 Cup Buttermilk, let it boil on low flame. •Add roasted Semolina n Salt, stirr quickly... Mix all properly with out forming a lump. •Cover with the lid n cook on low flame for 2..3 minutes. •Switch off the gas.

Spinach Dal

#RenuRasoi #DalPalak #Spinach This simple Dal Palak is very yummy n healthy too... Ingredients... •Yellow Moong Dal 1/2 Cup •Spinach 250 grams •Oil 1 tbspn •Mustard Seeds 1/2 tsp •Peanuts 1/4 cup •Green Chillies 3 •Garlic 10 pods •Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp. •Salt 3/4 tsp •Red Chilly Powder 1 tsp Method... •Wash n chopp the Spinach. •Soak the Moong Dal for 15 minutes. •Pressure cook both by adding 1.5 Cups water, and Turmeric Powder for 1 pressure. •When cool mix, add salt. •Heat a pan add Oil and Mustard Seeds when it splutters add Peanuts,Chopped Garlic n Green Chillies. •When they are Crispy n brown, switch off the gas. •Add Red Chilly Powder. •Pour it on the Vegetable. Eat it with Rice,  Roti or Jawar Bhakri Enjoy..

Fruity Sandesh

Coconut Fruit Sandesh This is a very mild sweet dish, with a flavour of fruits n Coconut. It tastes awesome... Ingredients... •Full Fat Milk 1 litre •Powdered Sugar 6 tsp •Desicated Coconut 1/2 cup •Mango pulp 3 tsp •Chickoo pulp 3 tsp •Kiwi pulp 3 tsp •Chopped Pistachios 1 tsp •Lemon juice 1 big Lemon Method... •Boil the milk, switch off the gas... •Add lemon juice slowly till it curdles •Pour it in a muslin cloth, tie it n immediately pour the chilled water to stop Cooking process. •After 30 minutes mash with your hands till soft. It took me 10..12 minutes to do this. •Mix powdered sugar, n cook it in a pan stirring continuously, till it dries but not hard. It should be soft. •You can grind it from the mixer, if it get crumbled. But Grind for a moment only else it will become liquid. •Divide the above mix in 4 parts. •Add little Mango, Chickoo, kiwi pulp in 3 portions each, if they are too soft to roll add dessicated Coconut, it should be soft but easy to roll.

Methi Aalu Sabji

Methi Aalu ki Sabji Potato Fenugreek Veg... This simple veg is very flavourful n yummy to taste. You can have it with hot Rotis or Dal Rice. Quick n easy to prepare... Ingredients.. •Methi /Fenugreek leaves 250 gms •Potatoes 250 gms •Oil 1.5 tbspn •Jira/Cumin Seeds 1/4 tsp •Rai/Mustard Seeds 1/4 tsp •Hing / Asafoetida a Big Pinch •Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp. •Red Chilly Powder 1 tsp •Salt 1 tsp. Method... •Hard boil the Potatoes, when cool peel n dice it. •Wash n chopp finely fenugreek leaves. •Heat Oil in a pan add Mustard seeds n Cumin Seeds, after it splutters add Potatoes n Asafoetida powder. •Add Turmeric Powder n saute for 3 minute's on medium flame. •Add Chopped fenugreek leaves, Saute for 3..4 minutes. •Add Red Chilly Powder n Salt. •Stir for 3..4 minutes. Done... Serve hot with Roti or Dal Rice. Enjoyy... मेथी बटाटा भाजी सोप्पी नि झटपट होणारी भाजी, खमंग तर लागतेच व आरोग्यासाठी चांगली पण आहे... साहित्य.. मेथी 250 ग्राम बटाटे 250 ग्राम तेल 1.5 tb

Green Gram Usal

Sprouted Moong Usal.... Sprouted food is good for health. Atleast 3 times in a week one should eat Pulses. Here is a recipe for tasty moong usal... Ingrediants. ... •Whole Green Moong/Green Gram  1 cup •Onions 2 •Green chillies 2 •Ginger Garlic paste 1 tsp •Grated Coconut 1/2 cup •Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp •Red Chilly Powder 1.5 tsp •Salt 1.5 tsp •Oil 1.5 tb sp •Kokam/Aamsul 4 pcs •Mustard n Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp each •Asafoetida Powder 1/2 tsp •Coriander Seeds Powder 1 5 •Cumin seeds Powder 1/4 tsp •Jaggery 2 tsp •Chopped Coriander 1/4 cup Method.... •Soak Green Moong for 7..8 hours...n then keep it for sprouting •Heat oil in a pan add mustard n cumin ..when it splutters add Asafoetida powder. .. add chopped green coriander. ..saute ...add onions n Turmeric powder. ..let it cook for 3..4 mts •Add Red Chillies powder n sprouted moong...saute on low flame for 6..7 mts add Coriander n  Cumin seeds powder. ..mix add 4 cups hot water...let it cook by covering. ..when

Yellow Dal Tadka

Yellow Dal Tadka Desi ghee tadka on moong dal, not only goes well with Roti or Rice but I like to have one bowl as it... Ingredients... •Yellow Moong Dal /Green Gram 1 cup 1 cup...150 ml • Salt 1 tsp •Red Chilly  Powder 1 tsp •Desi Ghee /Clarified Butter 1 tablespoon •Green Chillies 2  •Coriander Chopped 1 tablespoon  •Jira /Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp •Lemon juice 2 tsp •Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp Method.... •Wash n soak Moong Dal for 1 hour •Cook it in a open pan by adding 4 Cups water  •Add Turmeric n cook on low flame till mushy in texture  •Add water if necessary..when done switch off the gas nmash it properly •Add Salt n Lemon juice •Heat Ghee in a tadka pan add Cumin seeds, when it splutters •Add Chopped Green Chillies Switch off the gas •Add Red Chilly Powder after 2 minutes so it will not get burn •Pour it on Dal •Add finely Chopped Coriander •Serve hot with Roti or Rice... Enjoyy... मुगाचे वरण पिवळ्या मुगाच्या डाळीचे हे वरण भातासोबत किंवा पोळी सोबत तर छान

Green Gram Dosa

Moong Dosa It's a Protein rich dish, similar to Pesratu. This tastes yummy, n liked by one and all. Just try this... Ingredients... •1 cup whole Green Moong /Green Gram •1 cup Rice •1/2 cup Poha/Beaten Rice •1/2 cup Rava /Sooji • Chopped Onion 1/2 cup  •Chopped Coriander 1/2 Cup  •Coconut Oil for frying •Salt 2.5 tsp •Grated Ginger 1 tsp.. •Methi dana/Fenugreek seeds 1/2 tsp. Method... •Soak whole Green moong for 7..8 hours •Soak Rice n Poha with methi dana for 4 hours •Grind all together from the mixer smoothly  •Let it ferment overnight •In the morning add Rava/Sooji, grated Ginger n Salt...mix properly •Keep for 30 mts •Heat the iron tava...apply oil...spread 3 tbsp evenly... •Let it be crispy from both the sides by drizzling Oil •Remove from tava... •Spread finely chopped Onion n Coriander... Serve hot with Podi or Green Chutney of your choice... It tastes simply yummy yummy yummy....☺️

Potatoes in Curd Gravy /दही बटाटे रस्सा

In English This simple n Yummy veg recipe is Quick to cook. Use of Sour Curd makes it Tangy. All will relish it with Roti or Dal Rice Ingredients... •Potatoes 250 Grams •Onion 1 Big •Sour Curd 1 Cup •Water 1 Cup •Oil 1 tablespoon •Mustard Seeds 1/4 tsp •Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp •Red Chilly Powder 3/4 tsp •Salt 3/4 tsp •Coriander Chopped 1 tbspn Method... •Boil the Potatotes, let it cool n dice it. •Chopp the Onion. •Beat the Curd, keep it aside. •Heat the Oil in a pan, add Mustard seeds, after it splutters add Turmeric Powder n Onion. •Saute it for 3 minutes, add Red Chilly Powder and diced Potatoes. •Saute it on medium flame for 3..4 minutes. •Add Salt, Curd n Water, mix properly. •Let it simmer for 5 minutes. •Switch off the gas. •Garnish with Coriander. Serve hot with Roti or Dal Rice. Enjoyy... In Marathi दही बटाटे रस्सा पावसाळा सुरू आहे, अशा वेळी चटपटीत व गरमा गरम रस्सेदार भाजी असेल तर जेवणाची लज्जत अजूनच वाढते. आज अशीच झटपट होणारी भाज

Garam Masala

Garam Masala This is the basic Masala which we are going to use in many Vegetable , Rice n other preperations. This contain flavourful Indian Spices which helps to increase the immune system, enhances the taste of your preperations. This can be prepared& stored in an airtight container. Ingredients... •Black Pepper corns/Kali Mirch 1 tablespoon •Cinamon / Dalchini 1/2 tablespoon •Cloves /Laung 1 tsp •Green Cardamom/Elaichi 1/2 tsp •Black Cummin Seeds/Shahi Jira 1/2 tsp •Mace / Javitri 1/2 tsp Method... Roast till hot all the ingredients separately on an Iron Tava/Gridle. They should be hot only. Let it cool, grind them from the mixer in a fine Powder. Store in an airtight container. गरम मसाला हा मसाला आपण विकत न आणता घरीच केला तर पदार्थ जास्त चवदार होतात. आपण  हा मसाला अनेक भाज्या, मसाले भात, पुलाव, उसळी अशा अनेक प्रकारात वापरणार आहोत. अगदी कमी प्रमाणात वापरला तरी पदार्थाची चव तर छान होतेच, शिवाय औषधी गुणधर्म असल्यामुळे आपली प्रतिकार शक्ती पण वाढते. साहित्य...

Paneer Vegie Stifry

Paneer Vegie Stirfry Quick n Chatpati /Tangy vegie preparation of Paneer/ Cottage cheese. It tastes yummy n loved by one & all. Ingredients... •Paneer 200 gms, •Onion 1 diced •Shimla Mirchi/Capsicum 1 diced •Carrot diced 1/2 Cup •Tomato 2 remove the pulp n diced • Grated Ginger 1/2 tsp •Black Pepper crushed roughly 1/2 tsp •Lal Mirch Powder /Red Chilly Powder 1 tsp •Salt 1tsp •Lemon juice 1 tsp •Jira/Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp •Oil 1 table spoon Method... •Heat Oil in a pan •Add Jira, after it splutters add Chopped Onion n •Grated Ginger...stir •Add Tomatoes , n Carrots, saute for 2..3 minutes • Add Shimla Mirch n Lal Mirch Powder •Saute...add Salt, Black Pepper, n Paneer Cubes •Saute for 2 mts...add Lemon juice and mix properly •Switch off the gas. •Done... •Serve with a garnish of Ginger Julian's n Coriander... •Enjoyy... व्हेजी पनीर पनीर हा  पौष्टिक आहार आहे, त्यात भरपुर प्रथिने असतात, त्यामुळे आपण पनीर खाल्ले पाहिजे. फक्त ते तळून अथवा भरपुर मसाल्यांचा


Jhunka.... This is  a very Yummy n aromatic veg...signature dish of Maharashtra. Very nutritious n yummy yummy...flavourful vegetable. It's a Protein rich dish...       Green Onion Jhunka        Ingredients. .. •400 grams Green Onion/Spring Onion •6 tbsp Oil •1 cups Besan/Chickpea flour. 1cup...150 ml •1.5 tsp salt. •1tspTurmeric Powder •3 tsp Red Chilly Powder •1 tsp Mustard Seeds Method. .. •Wash n chopp the Green Onions.  •Heat oil in an Iron Kadhai.  •Add mustard seeds..after it splutters add Haladi n  finely chopped onions.  •Saute them on medium heat for 5 mts.  •Add Red chilli Powder n Salt...saute till oil leaves the sides of the kadhai. •Add Besan... mix properly. ..cook by covering on low heat for 3..4 mts...stir occasionally. .. •Done... This dish leaves your house full of aroma...  Very tasty n yummy dish...  Goes well with Bhakari or Roti...   Enjoy.... #रेणू रसोई  हिरव्या पातीच्या कांद्याचा झुणका... हिवाळ्यात जेंव्हा बाजारात सुंदर कोवळी

Dal Vada

This is the traditional healthy dish which you can have it as a snack or as a part of meals too. Its a protein rich dish, no Onion n Garlic are used ,still very flavourful n tasty... #Dalvada Ingrediants. .. •Chana /Blackgram dal 1 cup. •Moong dal/Greengram 1 cup.. •Arhar/Toor Dal 1/2 cup.  •Grated  Ginger 2 tsp. •Kadhipatta/Curry leaves Chopped  1/2 cup. •Lal mirch/Red Chilly powder 1 tsp. •Haladi powder 1/4 tsp.  •Seasame seeds 2 tsp. . •Jira 1/4 tsp.  •Dhana/ Coriander seeds Powder 1tsp.  • Hing Powder 1/2 tsp. .. •Salt 2 tsp .. •Chopped Coriander 1/4 cup... •Oil for frying 5 big tbsp. . Method. .. •Grind all dals separately in a coarse powder from mixi...mix all ingredients. .. •add warm hot water till it makes a soft dough... •rest it aside for 1 hour... •keep oil for heating... add 5 tsp hot oil in dal mix...mix properly. •Make vadas n deep fry on medium flame till lasts for 2 days... Enjoy... #रेणुरसोई डाळवडा मिश्र डाळीचा भरडा करून के